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Thunder Hamster – A Brief But Active Life

I didn’t think I’d be writing a memorial post so soon after Cloud Hamster’s passing, but here were are again. Little Thunder Hamster got very sick a few days ago and he passed away last night. He was only 8 months old, so we were shocked by his sudden illness.

Thunder wanted out of his cage some evenings, but he was unusual in that nearly every morning he would be up waiting for us to let him out. He would scurry around in his play area for 3 to 4 hours. I’d make him take “potty breaks” back in his cage for a chance to go potty or get a drink, but he wanted out, out, out! The past few months while we’ve been working from home he had hours and hours of play time. Even though he was not a big fan of the exercise ball, he took a few adventures in his ball on the back patio.

These are the best photo I have of him. He scurried around so much that most photos are a blur of fur.

Thunder Hamster

Thunder hamster eating

Thunder face

Thunder climbing

Thunder is buried on the east side of the yard. We thought that fitting for a hamster who loved the mornings.

Mornings will be boring without our little Thunder.


18 thoughts on “Thunder Hamster – A Brief But Active Life”

  1. We are so sorry about little Thunder. He must have missed Cloud Hamster furry much. Now they are frolicking together at the Rainbow Bridge but, as with all beloved furmily members, you will be reunited one day.

  2. Thunder was so lucky to have a wonderful life with your family. We are so sorry for your loss, he was quite the character. One day you will meet again along with all your loved ones at the Bridge.

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