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Raven’s Sweet 16

Hi everyone.

Today we’re celebrating my 16th Birthday.  Sweet 16!

We usually celebrate my birthday on October 16. That’s not my actual birthday, but it’s the day Mom & Dad chose for me after I joined the family.  Since I’m getting older and I’m not as healthy as I used to be, she decided to celebrate my birthday today. Most kitties are born in the spring or summer so July is probably closer to my actual birthday.

My twitter friend Gator the Catahoula (@RealFakeGator) helped me get into my virtual gift – a pink cadillac!  I borrowed the car from the internet and Gator worked his magic and put me in my sweet ride. Isn’t it purrty?

pink cadillacPink cadillac

Whoever wants can join me for a ride.  We’ll cruise around with the wind gently blowing our furrs. We’ll smell the fresh airs, see lots of pretty flowers, and take a drive by the river. We can visit lots of sunpuddles, or park beneath a big shady tree and take a nap. We’ll enjoy the day and celebrate the wonderful life we have.

We’re joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday blog hop.  I’m thankful to celebrate being 16 years old to do it with such wonderful blogging pals.

25 thoughts on “Raven’s Sweet 16”

  1. That’s a wonderful thankful sweet Raven, Happy 16th Birthday from all of us!!! We’ll take a ride please and thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  2. Oh, Raven! You look so pretty in pink! The colour really suits you and compliments your beautiful black furs.
    Have a wonderful birthday celebration. We’d love to join you for a ride. We’ll be right over.

    1. If you’re coming all the way from Israel, we must drive the iconic Pacific Coast Highway. Don’t worry, this car handles great and you won’t feel woozy on the curves. Pacific Coast Highway

  3. Happy Sweet 16 my furriend (with the emphasis on sweet). Love the ride. Can I hop in the back?

  4. I hope your birthday week is fabulous Raven! Sixteen is a bittersweet age, I hope this years brings you good health, love and adventure. I see you’re traveling along the California coast, I do hope you might come visit me and Pearl up here in Oregon? Just take I-5 North and when you hit Eugene, that’s us! We would be honored to host you overnight, Pearl says you may have the queen bed in her room. I will buy us some smoked salmon and Pearl can mix up a mean niptini. 💜 There’s lots of lovely nature and wildlife. What a great way to spend your special year with a road trip. Hope to see you soon!
    Purrs, Pearl & Mom 🐾👑🎈🎉🎁🎀🍤🍱🍸🎂🍨

    1. Road Trip! That one will take a little planning. Dad has driven to Portland many times so we know the way. I’ll have to gather some supplies, pack the car, and plan an adventure to come visit.

  5. You look so cool in your pink Cadillac, Raven ! Happy birthday to you, we hope you had a great celebration ! Purrs

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