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World Veterinary Day

Today is World Veterinary Day. We all know that veterinarians are essential to the health and well being of our pets, but they do so much more. They may work in shelter medicine, with farm animals & food safety, horse racing, biomedical research, developing new medicines, zoos, education, and other fields.

Many of you know Mom collects postage stamps. Her goal is to collect a cat or wildlife stamp from every country. Different countries and cultures have different attitudes towards animals, and this is often reflected in the postage stamps they produce. Portugal is not known for am abundance of veterinary care for domestic pets, so stamps with cats are not common. But they did produce this stamp in 2011 for International Veterinary Medicine.

I’ll let you know when it’s part of our collection.

15 thoughts on “World Veterinary Day”

  1. That stamp sure is pretty! Veterinarians sure do so much. Several years ago we had a Vet we really liked but she left private practice to go into food research in hopes of making a difference for pets.

  2. That is a nice stamp. Veterinarians are true heroes. I read an article recently about how many commit suicide because of the stress and the debt they have from school.

  3. Good veterinary care is so important and it’s a shame not all countries look at pets like us the same way..great stamp and a special day to honor those who take care of us! – Tom x

  4. It is a nice cat stamp. I don’t know how many cat stamps I have. I browsed your other pages here as I have a little time on my hands. Most people don’t bother looking at additional pages as that is my own experience.

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