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Pretty Flowers and Cute Kitties

Wolfie and Tilly enjoyed investigating some gladiolus that I brought in from the garden. Getting a good photo of them together was impossible. There were lots of photos of half-kittens, tails, and blurry kittens. Eventually I got a few good shots.

Kittens on table with flowers
Round and a round they go.
Kittens on table with flowers
When they stop…. not facing the camera!
Kittens on table with flowers
Wolfie coming, Tilly going.
Tilly smelling gladiolas
Tilly investigating a flower stalk
Tilly looking adorable
Tilly looking adorable. Unfortunately, with a cluttered background.
Wolfie smelling gladiolas
Wolfie sniffing a flower stalk
Wolfie looking adorable
Wolfie looking adorable

20 thoughts on “Pretty Flowers and Cute Kitties”

  1. It looks like those flowers smell nice ! We’re amazed that the gladioluses are still up and survived those curious kitties, MOL ! Purrs

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