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When the cats are napping, I’m stamp collecting

Most of you are long-time readers and might remember that I collect postage stamps. I’ve shown some of them on the blog.

I’ve rekindled my interest in stamp collecting and decided to start another blog called Catnap Stamp Collecting.

I think you’ll enjoy the stamp blog, especially if you like animals. There will be plenty of cats, but also wildlife and the occasional horse, rabbit, dog, hamster, bird, guinea pig, sea creature, and reptile. I collect stamps on a few other topics, and I’ll be sharing those too. You’ll see stamps about climate change, space exploration, and miscellaneous stamps that make me smile. The blog is kid-friendly so it’s something you could do with any little humans that enjoy looking at pictures.

In recognition of Global Tiger Day, today’s post is about …. Tigers! I hope you visit and enjoy seeing the stamps from my collection. Here’s one of the stamps featured in today’s post. Click the stamp to visit my other blog and see the other beautiful tiger stamps.

Laos, 1965. Tiger airmail stamp

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