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Caturday Art with the Tilly and Wolfie

I recently took a hazy photo of Tilly and Wolfie playing on their big cardboard scratcher. I thought it might be improved by turning it into art.

I usually don’t care for red hues, but I like the effect of the Lunapic “Flame” filter on the brown packing paper that was draped over the scratcher. I also used the “dehaze” filter and added a Steel border.

Photo of kittens Tilly and Wolife with Lunapic Flame filter and Steel border
Lunapic Flame effect at 75% with Steel border
Original hazy photo of kittens Tilly and Wolfie playing on a scratcher
Original hazy photo

Do you think our photo was improved?

We’re participating in Athena’s Caturday Art blog hop. Athena was also on her scratcher for this week’s artwork.

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