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Tilly turns 1 year old tomorrow

Tilly looking surprised

I’m 1 year old already?

We’re celebrating Tilly’s birthday as low-key as we did a couple weeks ago when we celebrated Wolfie’s. They both got some new toys on Wolfie’s birthday, and we’ll dip into last Christmas’ huge toy stash and give her something new to play with. There may be a couple pieces of treats given, but as you can see, she doesn’t really need those since she’s grown to be 11+ pounds. We’ve started playin chase-the-kibble at mealtime and she might be getting a puzzle feeder for her birthday!

Things have been a bit hectic here and I will post about that in a couple days. I’ll give you a hint: we’ve expanded our family but quarantine is involved because millions of uninvited guests (gastrointestinal parasites) joined the family too!

19 thoughts on “Tilly turns 1 year old tomorrow”

  1. WOW Tilly, it is hard to believe you are one year old, Happy Birthday beautiful girl!!! We’ll love forward to hearing about your family news!

  2. I hope you have a wonderful birthday Tilly. I can’t wait to hear more about the new family members. XO

  3. Happy birthday, Tilly! You are beautiful. Don’t worry about the extra floof, it’s adorable! Big Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs

  4. HURRAH!! Happy 1st Birfday deerest Tilley!! Wehre did THE time go?? You were just a wee kitt only yesterday it seemss! Now you are a lovelee lady cat!!!
    Wee sure hope you get that kewl puzzle toy!
    An wee sure hope those pawful Gasto buggiess are banished soon.
    ***purrss*** An ~~head rubss~~BellaDharma~~ an ❀ LadyMew

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