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Introducing Molly and Pearl

On August 14, 2021 we adopted two young kittens that we named Molly and Pearl. They were fostered together by our neighbor, the same gal who fostered Wolfie and Tilly. The kittens are strongly bonded and are great playmates. The first photo in their new home is them snuggling together in the “sky lounge” – our tallest perch.

Kittens Molly and Pearl cuddled in a perch their first day in their new home.
Molly (left) and Pearl (right) cuddled in the tallest perch
Kitten Molly, a tortishell.
Molly – a cute little torti
Kitten Pearl, a light gray tabby.
Pearl – a spunky light gray tabby
Kittens Pearl and Molly cuddling in a perch.
Pearl and Molly – constant cuddle companions

Both kittens are very friendly and of course very playful. Molly is a bit more people oriented and Pearl is a bit spunkier.


The kittens were in quarantine until today because they were being treated for intestinal parasites (coccidia). It’s been an ordeal giving them daily medication, scooping the litter box as soon as possible, and making sure little bottoms and their living area stayed as clean as possible so that they didn’t re-infect themselves (or anyone else).

Wolfie & Tilly

Wolfie and Tilly are unsettled by the new additions. They’ve lost access to part of the house and they don’t get our full attention as we divide our time between them and the kittens. Wolfie is a laid-back cat and he’s been more curious about the kittens. Tilly is stressed by anything new and she’s uncertain about the newcomers.


Introductions are going very slowly. During quarantine, everyone has been able to see each other through doors across our L-shaped patio. They can also catch glimpses of each other through the louvered doors that separate the living area from the bedrooms. That’s actually been a problem for Tilly because she seems bothered by not knowing what’s running back & forth on the other side of the doors.

To try to help Tilly adjust, a couple days ago we started supervising small periods of time where Wolfie and Tilly can watch the kittens play in a bedroom that we’ve secured with a screen door. Usually I’m in the bedroom with the kittens and the Dad is on the other side giving treats and canned food to Wolfie & Tilly.

Wolfie has been curious about the kittens so he met them and can be in the same room for a few minutes without any problems. Tilly is nowhere near ready for that! She wavers between being curious watching them play, then getting stressed & hissy if the kittens approach the screen too quickly.

Slow Progress

Our next step is to continue the screen door sessions. We’ll also let the kittens explore the main part of the house and get their scent spread around while Wolfie and Tilly enjoy some quite time in the bedrooms.

We’re hoping in another couple weeks they will be able to share space without anyone getting too upset or fighting. Paws crossed we continue to make progress (because keeping them separated is exhausting)!

21 thoughts on “Introducing Molly and Pearl”

  1. Welcome Molly and Pearl!! They are such cuties. I am sure all 4 kitties will be the best of friends eventually. XO

  2. They sure are beautiful. It will all be okay before you know it, they all have love and that will make such a big difference. Welcome home sweeties.

  3. Wellcome Molly an Pearl ❤ ❤ Yore both so cute! Wolfie yore xcellent at beein laid back. Tilley mee an you are so alike! Mee wuud bee climm THE screen an freekin out!
    So mee an LadyMew hope efurrything goes well inn next cuppell of weekss an efurryone beecomess grate frendss!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an {{hugss}} LadyMew

  4. oh my I gasped when I saw Pearl!!!! She looks just like Cody did as a kitten!!!! They are gorgeous but I was blown away by the resemblance!! Praying all goes well!

  5. Really nice that you gave two kitties homes. That saves 4. The two you adopted and the two that can now be fostered. Well done. We have tried slow introductions but it never worked out. Einstein was the last to come and he was 4 weeks old so grew up with everyone. Before him was Rumpy. He blasted out of the bathroom on the first day and ran around saying hello. MOL
    We cant wait to see them grow and flourish

    1. Oh, that’s funny. Wolfie was so curious we thought it best to let him see the kittens. I don’t want to delay Tilly meeting them any longer than is necessary for everyone’s safety. I don’t want them thinking they’re supposed to stay separated.

  6. So far, so good..We’ll be anxious to see how Tilly does as time goes on. The kittens are so cute!! All the best!

  7. Omg! How amazing to go from one senior ladycat for several years to now having four young babes! I’m sure Raven is watching wondering what has gone to her humans heads! I know she’s happy you are giving a home to kitties in need and have them there to comfort you. Welcome to the new girls, I hope Tilly will adjust soon. I’m sure she will, some kitties just need more time than others and with the great way you are slowly introducing them it should get there sooner than later.

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