Cat antics

“Magic Carpet” Kitty Playtime

This is our version of a “magic carpet ride”. I take an old bedsheet and drag it around with a kitty riding on top. Wolfie and Molly enjoy it the most. Pearl is learning how to stay on the sheet but Tilly isn’t interested.

This first video shows Wolfie getting a ride. He’s a pro! My husband (camera operator) and I (ride operator) are talking in the background. You’ll hear there was a minor kitten mishap on the first video, but no one was injured.

Molly learning how to ride with Pearl showing interest.

Wolfie and Molly, with Pearl attempting to ride.

Pulling kitties around the house on a sheet while navigating the furniture is a decent workout. After 10 or 12 trips around the house, it’s time for the ride operator to rest! It was also time to put away all the shoes that showed up in the video.

14 thoughts on ““Magic Carpet” Kitty Playtime”

    1. Never too old, just go slowly. They also like to play under the sheet. I lift it up and let it fall on them like a big parachute. They love sitting in the air bubble as the sheet falls.

  1. My human thinks that looks like a fun game! I’m not sure how I would feel about it. We certainly have enough sheets here, since I have a bunch that get used for backdrops.

  2. We L0VE magic carpet rides. We each have Our own Flying Carpet and We go out on Adventures at night after Mummy has gone to sleep.
    We enjoyed the videos and We were most impressed with the floofiness of Wolfie’s tail in the furrst one.

  3. Oh Goodness Gracious, what fun! Though I don’t think I’d go for that it looks like y’all are having lots of fun riding that sheet. Dad says he used to do such things when his kids were little and they loved it. He used to have his niece stand on an upside down piece of carpet on the hardwood floor and pull & shake it back and forth and she’d try to stay upright. Ahh, what fun you can have and so simply!

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