Cat antics

Family Photo

Before we swap pumpkins for Christmas decor, I wanted to get a few photos of the kittens. Tilly usually separates herself from the crowd, but I managed to get the entire family in the picture.

Four kittens with pumpkins on fireplace
Wolfie, Pearl (on fireplace), Molly, Tilly

I didn’t get any great photos of Wolfie, but captured a few of Tilly, Molly, and Pearl.

Kittens, pumpkins on fireplace
Pearl, Molly, Tilly
Kitten Molly with pumpkins, Tilly on scratcher
Molly & Tilly
Kittens Molly and Pearl
Molly & Pearl
Kitty Tilly looking into camera

We’re hopping with Brian’s Thankful Thursday blog hop. We’re always thankful that all the kitties are getting along reasonably well.

18 thoughts on “Family Photo”

  1. Love seeing them all together. Wait till they get into some of the Christmas decorations. There’ll be some serious cuteness then!! Meow!

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