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Visits from cousin Nemo

Cousin Nemo, who lives next door at the house where we were all fostered, came for a visit yesterday. We were all cordial and looked at each other without any hissing. Nemo is a friendly kitty, but he can get a bit frisky. Mom didn’t want him to wear out his welcome, so she gave him a treat and took him around to the front yard so he wouldn’t be right up in our faces at the screen door.

Kitties Nemo, Molly, Pearl, Wolfie, and Tilly at the screen door.
Cousin Nemo visiting Molly, Pearl, Wolfie, and Tilly

Cousin Nemo came over again today. He enjoys exploring our yard, especially the catnip pot. There’s barely any plant left over from last year and mom was cleaning out the pot in preparation for new growth. Nemo thoroughly enjoyed himself.

We sent his mom a text warning her that Nemo would come home reeking of catnip. Hopefully the other cats don’t get high off his fumes.

12 thoughts on “Visits from cousin Nemo”

  1. Nemo is a furry handsome kitty. And it’s good to have furriendly “neighbours”, isn’t it? As long as he doesn’t get too fond of YOUR catnip, of course…

  2. This is my first time reading your blog. How lucky you are living together and how comfortable you look at the doorway. Nemo is a pretty cat, but it isn’t always nice to have other cats wandering through your yard, so you are very tolerant.

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