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Tilly & Molly updates

Tilly is doing very well on a lower dose of her anti-anxiety medication. She is much more tolerant of Pearl and is almost “friendly” towards Molly. They can sit next to each other in a window and watch the garden without any growling, hissing or smacking. YAY!

We took Molly to see her regular vet yesterday to get clarification about what happened to her leg when she fell a few weeks ago. Molly’s tibia (shin bone) has a small fracture at the top where makes the knee joint. Unfortunately, Molly’s kneecap is so loose that surgery is needed to stabilize her knee. We had her medical records sent to the surgeon’s office and we’re waiting for them to get back to us.

Here’s Molly getting cuddles from Dad while waiting for the vet. She’s getting lots of cuddles at home as we try to restrict her activity to allow her bone to heal.

Molly cat getting cuddles from Dad while waiting for the vet.

We hope you all are well and enjoying some fun summer activities (or winter if you’re on the bottom half of the world). I will try to visit your blogs more often before I’m back to 100% kitty supervision duty when Molly has knee surgery. Take care and stay safe my friends.

8 thoughts on “Tilly & Molly updates”

  1. Purrayers and Power of the Paw to Mollyfor healing of her leg. Keeping a kitty still is never easy !

  2. Good news about Tilly!
    Poor Molly. Leg injuries are rough on kitties. Lita had a pretty horrible leg injury, too. I hope they can get Molly in for surgery soon so she can heal up quickly. ❤

  3. Good news for Tilly, and I’m hoping things go well for Molly. I want to thank you for your kind words of condolence on the loss of our dear Cleopatra. It was much to fast and much too soon, and we’re still trying to cope with the emptiness around here. Thank you, and be well.

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