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Fantastic and Not So Fantastic Updates

The photos for today’s post are all taken in the back yard. Every morning we take the kitties outside for some fresh air and adventure. It also gives them a bit of time away from each other.

Now, for the updates:

Wonderful News about Molly’s Knee

Molly in the lawn watching for bugs to catch.

We received the best news possible that Molly does not need surgery on her knee! The surgeon examined her and said the bone healed well but she still needs time for all the ligaments & tendons to heal. She doesn’t have any restrictions on her activity, but we will always try to keep the furniture & perches situated so that she has an easy path up & down. The less stress on that leg, the better.

Terrible News about Tilly’s Teeth

Shortly after receiving the wonderful news about Molly, we got really bad news about Tilly. I noticed a bit of drooly blood a couple weeks ago and it turns out she has stomatitis, which is now called Feline Chronic Gingivostomatitis (FCGS). This is an extremely painful condition where any bacteria on the teeth causes severe inflammation in the mouth. We were lucky to get an immediate consult with the veterinary dentist, who said Tilly’s case is severe and she needs ALL her teeth removed. She had her pre-op lab work today, and because her condition is so painful and already quite bad, surgery is scheduled for October 24. Until then, she gets pain medication twice daily and lots of canned food meals. We’re not looking forward to the surgery and recovery but it gives Tilly the best chance of having a healthier mouth and good quality of life.

Tilly in the lawn, surveying her domain.

Wolfie & Pearl

Wolfie being a big boy in the tree

Wolfie & Pearl are both doing well. They have wellness vet visits later this month, and paws crossed they have healthy check-ups. Wolfie is the sweetest big baby boy who still needs a daily cuddle with his blanket (preferably on Mom). He gets along well with everyone and absolutely loves playing with Molly….until she becomes a pest and he tells her to leave him alone.

Pearl alternates between being “Squirrely Pearl” who runs around the house like a crazy cat, and a sweet little girl who wants to be petted. She and Molly are still quite friendly with each other and play & groom each other frequently.

Pearl being adventurous in the yard

Again, I’m sorry to not be updating our blog or visiting yours. As you can see, we’re still dealing with a variety of health issues that are keeping us occupied and a bit stressed.

21 thoughts on “Fantastic and Not So Fantastic Updates”

  1. Thanks for giving us the updates. I’m sure glad to know that you got good news for Molly. It’s very sad about Tilly’s teeth but all will be much better when they are gone. I lost half my teeth and am doing fine mouth wise. We have known lots of kitties over the years that lost their teeth, they did great and lead wonderfully happy lives after the pain was gone. Purrs and prayers from all of us. Let us know how it goes when you can please.

  2. We are sad to hear your updates ! Our Buzz had all his teeth removed several years ago and has gotten along fine. Purrayers for Tilly and all your clowder !

  3. That’s good news about Molly. I’m sorry to hear about Tilly’s teeth though. Many purrs for a successful procedure and fast healing.

  4. So nice to see all the kitties today! And thanks for the updates…though I’m sorry to hear about Tilly’s stomatitis diagnosis. Hope all goes well with her dental surgery. But great news about Molly not needing surgery!

  5. Ooohhhhhh boy, poor Tilly! Tylan has severe refractory stomatitis. It’s a long story. In most cases, removing the teeth results in significant improvement, though, so I hope that is the case for Tilly. It is a very painful condition. Please let me know if you have any questions along the way.

    Sending purrs ❤

    1. I’d be interested in chatting with you about Tylan. The dentist indicated Tilly may need life-long medical care. Maybe she was just being cautious, but maybe it’s because Tilly’s mouth is so bad, so quickly, at such a young age. Tilly is only 2 years old.

      1. Depending on how the full mouth extraction goes, Tilly could need lifelong treatment. I don’t want to scare you, but removing most of his teeth didn’t work for Tylan. He actually had to undergo stem cell therapy, and while that did not cure him, he is to the point where he can live a quality, pain-free life with a regimen of prednisolone for life now.

        That being said, a full mouth extraction *does* help 80% of cats. Tylan was pretty young, too. I hope the FME helps Tilly ❤

        1. Unfortunately, there’s no predicting which cats will be cured or significantly helped with extraction, and which won’t. I’ve seen numbers as high as 30% that extraction “didn’t help at all”. That’s why we’re having such a difficult time deciding whether or not to put Tilly through the procedure. The dentist we’re seeing had a couple cats receive stem cell therapy. She said the stem cells aren’t available right now (some type of production issue).

        2. Oh my. I didn’t know there were issues with manufacturing stem cells right now. For what it’s worth, extracting the teeth and stem cell therapy both have success rates of about 80%. It is unfortunate that you can’t tell which cats will respond to what treatments. It was a total gamble with Tylan, but stem cells were literally his last option. Thankfully it got him to a place where he can now be managed on Pred for life and be pain-free.

          I am hoping and praying it all goes well for Tilly. ❤

  6. Oh, poor Tilly! Trixie has also had to have some teeth removed so she has effurry sympathy with Tilly.
    But great news about Molly. Glad that all four seem to be getting along. Purring for Tilly but We are sure all will turn out for the best.

    1. We still have issues with Tilly being unpredictably sassy with Molly & Pearl, but we’re hoping some of that behavior is due to the pain she’s in from her teeth. Maybe it will improve as her mouth heals (which is expected to take several months).

  7. Poor poor Tilly! I was happy when I read what Brian wrote, he sure knows a lot about this stuff. There was another kitty (can’t remember who), that lost their teeth as well and is doing fine! I can definitely see why you would be upset and stressed. I would be a wreck! Praying all goes well. Wolfie is beyond handsome, OMC!!! Very happy about the good news for Molly!!! Keeping you and Tilly in my thoughts/prayers xoxo

    1. I don’t know if you were thinking of him, but Tylan is now toothless. When I adopted him, he only had his bottom two canines. One of those went bad, so we went ahead and removed both of them so he wouldn’t have to undergo any further dental surgeries.

      He does just fine without teeth. Still eats kibble, canned food, treats. 🙂

  8. Thanks for the update! That’s awful about the pain Tilly is going through – but once she has gone through the dental work, she will feel SO much better! Sending purrs.

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