Cat antics

Moving forward

As most of you have had to do after losing a pet, we’re trying to move forward and adjust to life without Tilly. Wolfie is occasionally a bit out of sorts, and we’re guessing he’s missing her. I think it will take another week or so for him to get used to his sister not being around.

Molly has decided she will be the caretaker of Tilly’s nip pot. She’s very good at inspecting the new leaves and sniffing to detect if other cats have visited.

Kitty Molly in a pot of catnip.
Molly in the nip pot

11 thoughts on “Moving forward”

  1. Since I was 21 I always had a cat and then 2 and then 4 after 20 years of life together they finally left us in different years. It’s always terrible to say goodbye for ever, that’s something you can’t get used too and it takes time until it hurts less ! Now I live with little Rosie 15 in an apartment and she seems to be very happy although she can’t go in an out through a cat flap. She loves to stay inside with me and rarely goes on the big terrace.

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