The Founding Generation

Felix founded the Indulged Furries Family when I adopted him in 1994. Smokey joined our family a couple months later. Ed weaseled his way into my heart in 1995. The three of them have since passed away.

The Second Generation

We adopted Sammi and Raven together in 2008. Sammi chose her Dad and Raven chose me. Sammi had only one front leg, but that didn’t slow her down. Raven was a sweet ladycat with a gentle soul. Sammi passed away in 2011 and Raven passed in 2020.

The Newest Generation

Shortly after Raven died, we adopted two kittens from a local rescue group. They are two weeks different in age but were fostered together. Wolfgang (Wolfie) and Matilda (Tilly) are bundles of energy and a delight to have as our newest furry family members. Several months later we adopted another two foster-mates, Molly and Pearl.

Our Spectacular Golden Retriever

I adopted Bentley from the neighbors in 2001 when he was almost 9 years old. He brought 8 more years of joy to our lives. He lived to be 17 years, 4 days! He was an exceptionally well-tempered dog, and everything you would hope for in a Golden Retriever.

Bentley our Golden Retriever

The Hamster Herd

Over the years, we’ve had 10 hamsters. Most were rescues from the local S.P.C.A. or pet store. With 4 young cats in the house, we decided to take a break on hamster ownership.