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Unhealthy animals in the news, and a proactive approach to helping low income pet owners

A little while ago I posted about a kitty who was starved, and this week I ran across a kitty who has been overfed to the point where he can barely walk. His name is Little Dude and his foster mom set up a Facebook page where people can follow his progress.  He’s currently in the hospital due to a fever but hopefully they’ll get that under control and get him back on the path to good health.

There’s always the chance that this kitty has a medical condition that contributed to his becoming obese. But I’d be willing to bet he was grossly overfed. It’s just so sad to see a pet in such poor condition. The video clip of him walking a little, then laying down panting is heartbreaking. But at least he’s in a new home and has a chance at becoming more healthy.

You can follow Little Dude and even suggest a new name for him. His foster mom thinks he should have a new name for his new adventure in life.

We hope this beautiful kitty does well and has a fantastic future ahead of him.

On a related animal health note, today our newspaper ran an article about community outreach by the local SPCA to assist and educate pet owners in a particularly problematic part of town about the services that are available to them. The ASPCA is funding a project where pet owners can get free spay/neuter, vaccinations, microchipping, dog training, and pet food. People in this part of town typically have limited income and often don’t have transportation to veterinary services. If the owner chooses to participate, a volunteer will come pick up their pet, take it for medical services, then return the pet home. The article says that similar outreach program in other cities have been very successfully, so we’re hoping this works in our neck of the woods.

Animals in the news

Raven is a Mojito cat!

This YouTube video by Jackson Galaxy explains some basic personality types of cats. I was surprised that Raven is the Mojito cat, which is the type of cat that is well-adjusted and confident in their ownership of their surroundings. I think of Raven as being a bit timid or shy, but I guess that’s a normal response to unfamiliar sights, noises, and neighborhood cats.

When Sammi was here, Raven was a little more of a Wallflower cat. Sammi was a Mojito Cat and queen of her castle. But now that Raven is an only, she’s very confident in her home and displays many of the Mojito cat traits Jackson describes. She walks with her tail high, weaves between your legs, and comfortably hangs out in the middle of the room. Yay, Raven is a well-adjusted kitty!

The “embed” function on Jackson Galaxy’s YouTube channel is enabled, so I’m hoping that means it’s ok to share the video on our blog. Check out his videos if you haven’t already done so. They’re fun and informative.

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Lightening needs your healing purrs (and woofs)

Lightning was nearly starved, but is undergoing treatment thanks to the BrightHaven Rescue. You can help by donating a few dollars if you’re able. Or click the title line in the widget – the part that says “Donations needed for kitty…” and leave a comment of support for Lightening’s care team.

There is more information about this organization here: I noticed their web site is a little slow, but wait for it to load. It looks like they do a lot of good work.

Animals in the news

Raven was chosen Cat of the Day!

Raven is always Cat of the Day in our house, but yesterday she was Cat of the Day on the interweb!  She’s so honored. And she’s flattered by all the lovely greeting she received on the COTD message board.

Raven Cat of the Day

You can nominate your pet on the Pet of the Day website. Cats, dogs, reptiles, rabbits, horses …. any pet can be nominated. Check them out, there are lots of beautiful animals and great stories to read.

Mom is going away for a little while and Dad will be taking good care of me. But he doesn’t know how to be my typist so I won’t have any new blog posts next week.