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Kittens playing in tissue paper

For Thankful Thursday, I’m thankful that sometimes the kittens can amuse themselves in a pile of tissue paper. The bigger the pile, the more fun they have. Eventually the pile is torn to shreds. It’s a lot less work for me than pulling them around the house on a bed sheet!

Tilly and Wolfie appear in the next video.

We’re joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday blog hop. Hop along and see all the other thankfuls.

Blog Hops & Other Fun

Caturday Art with the Tilly and Wolfie

I recently took a hazy photo of Tilly and Wolfie playing on their big cardboard scratcher. I thought it might be improved by turning it into art.

I usually don’t care for red hues, but I like the effect of the Lunapic “Flame” filter on the brown packing paper that was draped over the scratcher. I also used the “dehaze” filter and added a Steel border.

Photo of kittens Tilly and Wolife with Lunapic Flame filter and Steel border
Lunapic Flame effect at 75% with Steel border
Original hazy photo of kittens Tilly and Wolfie playing on a scratcher
Original hazy photo

Do you think our photo was improved?

We’re participating in Athena’s Caturday Art blog hop. Athena was also on her scratcher for this week’s artwork.

Blog Hops & Other Fun

Sunday Selfies with Tilly and Wolfie

I snapped a few photos of the kitties last night. Tilly was being very cooperative as she relaxed in her perch after getting some good pettings from Dad.

Wolfie was being silly, but that’s his personality.

Kitten Tilly resting in her perch
Tilly content after being petted by Dad
Kitten Wolfie looking alert
Wolfie looking alert
Kitten Wolfie with his head poking out of a round hole in perch.
Wolfie – Good thing we don’t play wack-a-kitty here!

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