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Sunday Selfies with Tilly and Wolfie

I snapped a few photos of the kitties last night. Tilly was being very cooperative as she relaxed in her perch after getting some good pettings from Dad.

Wolfie was being silly, but that’s his personality.

Kitten Tilly resting in her perch
Tilly content after being petted by Dad
Kitten Wolfie looking alert
Wolfie looking alert
Kitten Wolfie with his head poking out of a round hole in perch.
Wolfie – Good thing we don’t play wack-a-kitty here!

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A Week of Discoveries

It’s amazing how many little spaces Wolfie and Tilly have discovered.

Wolfie was proud of himself for discovering he could get into the shelf in the fish tank stand.

Despite already having helped clear out the lint from behind the washing machine, they are fascinated with running behind it when we open the laundry room door.

Wolfie discovered he can get into the freezer. We have a bottom drawer freezer and when opened, it creates a “cave” behind the drawer. I had to get on my hands and knees and pull him out!

Tilly prefers trying to explore the dishwasher.

Of course they’ve also discovered various nooks and crannies under furniture, between walls & furniture, and little hidey holes in the hall closet.

Yesterday we all made not-so-fun discoveries. I discovered a flea on Wolfie, and they discovered I’m pretty good at giving baths, even to squirming kittens who plaintively mew for a reprieve from bathtime. We all came out unscathed, and hopefully flea-free!

Wolfie and Tilly have been with us for just shy of a month, and we’re thankful for the joy and activity they’ve brought to our home.

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