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10 Amazing Facts about Raven

Other kitties are doing 12 facts, but I skipped 2 questions because I didn’t have answers. 1. What’s your favorite number? 3 – for Mom, Dad, and Me. 2. What is your dream job hobby? Seeker & Eater of Spider … Continue reading

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Caturday Art with Blueberries

Raven has a swirly tail for today’s Caturday Art hop with Athena. If you compare it to yesterday’s photo, it makes it look like she has some sort of tail. This is completely off-topic, but we’re excited about our first … Continue reading

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Thankful Thursday – I have pretty cool parents

I’m joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday blog hop. One of the few kitty rules around here is that I’m not allowed on the kitchen counters while Mom is cooking. But she and Dad were already in the dining room eating dinner, … Continue reading

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Not Me Sunday Selfies – Duke and Duchess

These are my doggy friends Duke (black) and Duchess (white). They are Shih Tzus who live a few houses down the street. Whenever Mom sees them on their walk, she goes out to give them treats. When she calls “Dukey, … Continue reading

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