Cat antics

More fun with Mom

It’s still cold & damp here so Mom finds creative ways to keep us occupied so we don’t get testy with each other. Here’s a short video today’s playtime. Mom is standing still so she can balance us against her body and it’s easy to get a video.

Pearl joined in the fun towards the end of our play session, but Molly is still unsure about becoming part of a circus act.

Wolfie loves being carried from room to room on the scratcher, and he’s good at walking around on it while Mom carries it.

We played for about 5 minutes until Mom got tired!

Cat antics

Keeping Kitties from Going Stir Crazy

We’ve had chilly and foggy mornings, so we haven’t been able to have our regular outside time. This leaves us a bit stir crazy and we get testy with each other. Mom tries to play with us, but we get bored of the usual toys. After taking us for magic carpet rides, where Mom pulls us around the house on an old sheet, she put the sheet on top of our perches and turned them into a fort. It was something different to investigate and have fun with. Here’s a little video of us investigating our fort.

Cat antics

Thankful Thursday

No kitties were harmed in the making of this video. I can’t say the same for the window treatment.

Video of Molly (and Pearl) after Molly tried to jump to the window valence.

We’re planning to replace the window treatments soon because they’re nearly 20 years old and have seen better days. But I’d rather Molly not help us.

We’re joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday blog hop. Hop along and see all the thankfuls.