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Sharing and Exploring New Perches

With four cats competing for the “best” perch locations, I decided to add two tall perches to the cat furniture collection.

Tilly was enjoying her favorite spot in a perch we already had, and she didn’t get upset when Molly and Pearl came to investigate the new perch on the left. They all settled in for a nap. Of course, they’re all facing away from the camera!

Tilly, Molly, and Pearl in the perches.
Tilly, Molly, and Pearl relaxing in the perches

The second perch arrived yesterday, and the kittens were quick to make sure we assembled it correctly. I ordered this model because they all enjoy the curvy beds on our existing perches.

Molly and Pearl making sure the new perch was assembled correctly.

The new perch area has lots of places for playing, napping, and hopefully peaceful sharing. I always place multiple perches next to each other because it’s easier for the cats to get up and down. Molly has wonky back legs and can’t jump well, so this makes it easier and safer for her to climb.

Molly on the Lounger cat tree

I’ll start a review by saying you just can’t find high quality perches like the ones I purchased years ago. Those were very sturdy, had spacious deep beds, nice quality carpet, and were not prone to tipping. Sigh… gone are “the good old days”.

Both new perches are made by New Cat Condos and purchased from Wayfair .com (no affiliation). The perch on the left is a 63-inch Staggered cat tree for $110. The curved beds are “curvier” than our existing perches, but I’m hoping the cats like them. It also tips easily, but I’ve placed it between the wall, couch, and other perch so it’s more stable. If used alone, I’d mount it to a larger base or add a 25-30 pound weight on the base to prevent tipping. The posts and beds are not as robust as our other perches, and it has short carpeting.

The center perch is a 61-inch Lounger cat tree for $130. It’s sturdy and has shaggy carpet. I think it will be a favorite.

The perch on the right was purchased a while ago from Petsmart. I can’t find these anymore, because the new ones have a round bed at the top and this one is oval shaped. Tilly loves it and I wish I could find another. Lots of online comments have said the same thing (bring back the oval bed!)

Compared to what we can find in local pet stores, I think our two new perches were a good find.

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Visits from cousin Nemo

Cousin Nemo, who lives next door at the house where we were all fostered, came for a visit yesterday. We were all cordial and looked at each other without any hissing. Nemo is a friendly kitty, but he can get a bit frisky. Mom didn’t want him to wear out his welcome, so she gave him a treat and took him around to the front yard so he wouldn’t be right up in our faces at the screen door.

Kitties Nemo, Molly, Pearl, Wolfie, and Tilly at the screen door.
Cousin Nemo visiting Molly, Pearl, Wolfie, and Tilly

Cousin Nemo came over again today. He enjoys exploring our yard, especially the catnip pot. There’s barely any plant left over from last year and mom was cleaning out the pot in preparation for new growth. Nemo thoroughly enjoyed himself.

We sent his mom a text warning her that Nemo would come home reeking of catnip. Hopefully the other cats don’t get high off his fumes.