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Dining room lookout

The top of the dining room hutch is a great lookout. I wish I could get up here by myself, but I have to be content with the few times a year Mom will put me up here (and get … Continue reading

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Be prepared with a backup

What could this box be?¬† I recognize the smell. Something looks familiar. Score!!!! Backup cat-face scratchers! Oh Mommy, you’re the best! Too bad they all get stored in the closet and I don’t get to use them as a quadruple-wide … Continue reading

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Cat Face Scratcher – Selfie?

Mom got me a new scratcher!¬†Actually, it’s two scratchers glued together to make a double-wide. She does this with some of my scratchers so there’s plenty of room to lounge, scratch, and make them more stable. This one is called … Continue reading

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Late Winter Sunpuddle

I usually sit on the floor to enjoy the sunpuddle, but I had to go up to the arm of the chair for this one. Mom’s never seen me here before, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta … Continue reading

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