Celebrations - Gotcha Days and Birthdays

Tilly turns 1 year old tomorrow

Tilly looking surprised

I’m 1 year old already?

We’re celebrating Tilly’s birthday as low-key as we did a couple weeks ago when we celebrated Wolfie’s. They both got some new toys on Wolfie’s birthday, and we’ll dip into last Christmas’ huge toy stash and give her something new to play with. There may be a couple pieces of treats given, but as you can see, she doesn’t really need those since she’s grown to be 11+ pounds. We’ve started playin chase-the-kibble at mealtime and she might be getting a puzzle feeder for her birthday!

Things have been a bit hectic here and I will post about that in a couple days. I’ll give you a hint: we’ve expanded our family but quarantine is involved because millions of uninvited guests (gastrointestinal parasites) joined the family too!

Celebrations - Gotcha Days and Birthdays, Random musings

Introducing Wolfgang and Matilda

Saturday, November 7 was a special day for us. Two new kittens joined our family and became the Third Generation of Indulged kitties.

Wolfgang (“Wolfie”)

This sweet little boy was taken into foster as a 3-week old kitten. He was born approximately August 10, 2020. He is a gorgeous brown tabby, who looks like a little wolf with slender paws with black fur between his toes. He has patches of golden fur behind his ears and under his tail and it will be interesting to see if he keeps those into adulthood. If you look closely, you can see many of his whiskers are stumpy. Apparently another foster kitten nibbled them! Wolfie is a calm and confident kitty who loves to explore and play.

Matilda (“Tilly”)

She was rescued from under the hood of a car on October 3, 2020. She was approximately 6 weeks old so her birthdate is estimated as August 22, 2020.

She is a bit reserved but she’s a curious and spunky little girl who loves to climb and play. We named her Matilda, which means “mighty in battle”. If any of you are Star Trek Discovery fans, she reminds us of Ensign Sylvia Tilly who lacks confidence, but is smart, caring, and always acts to help her crewmates. Tilly is also a tabby, but she has much darker fur and has a white V-neck and white toes. She has most of her whiskers!

Wolfie and Tilly are settling in and have started exploring the house. They’re very entertaining, learning to trust us, and keeping us on our toes.

Celebrations - Gotcha Days and Birthdays

Raven Celebrates her Official 16th Birthday

When we adopted Raven we choose October 16 as her birthday. Earlier this year we had little hope that she would be with us today, so we celebrated her birthday in July.

It brings tears of joy to be celebrating her official October 16th birthday.

Here are two recent photos of our sweet ladycat.

Her simple birthday present needs a little explanation. Due to her health issues, she has eaten only canned food for many years. A couple weeks ago we found a dry food that agrees with her. She absolutely loves it, but we give her only about 2 tablespoons throughout the day so it doesn’t upset her system.

As a birthday treat, we’ve given her a crunchy 16th birthday celebration. Our sweet girl has been eagerly crunching away on extra little servings of dry food and purring with happiness. It’s wonderful that something so simple can brighter her day. And we’re so incredibly thankful that she’s still here bringing us joy.