Celebrations - Gotcha Days and Birthdays

Raven’s Sweet 16

Hi everyone.

Today we’re celebrating my 16th Birthday.  Sweet 16!

We usually celebrate my birthday on October 16. That’s not my actual birthday, but it’s the day Mom & Dad chose for me after I joined the family.  Since I’m getting older and I’m not as healthy as I used to be, she decided to celebrate my birthday today. Most kitties are born in the spring or summer so July is probably closer to my actual birthday.

My twitter friend Gator the Catahoula (@RealFakeGator) helped me get into my virtual gift – a pink cadillac!  I borrowed the car from the internet and Gator worked his magic and put me in my sweet ride. Isn’t it purrty?

pink cadillacPink cadillac

Whoever wants can join me for a ride.  We’ll cruise around with the wind gently blowing our furrs. We’ll smell the fresh airs, see lots of pretty flowers, and take a drive by the river. We can visit lots of sunpuddles, or park beneath a big shady tree and take a nap. We’ll enjoy the day and celebrate the wonderful life we have.

We’re joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday blog hop.  I’m thankful to celebrate being 16 years old to do it with such wonderful blogging pals.

Celebrations - Gotcha Days and Birthdays

Raven’s 15th Birthday

October 16 is the day we celebrate my birthday. I turned 15 this year and Mom says that’s a big birthday for a kitty.

Mom & Dad had a little cake with a candle for me.  I didn’t get to eat any cake, but I did get lots of snuggles.

Raven 15th birthday

I got a yummy mouse, home-made by Mom & Dad. It had my favorite canned food body, with buttery beady eyes, potato chip ears, and carrot tail & nose.

Birthday mouse

Mmm, it’s good.

It’s really, really good!

Mom even took a video of me eating my birthday mouse.

Then I got to open my present. I got an electric blanket to help keep me toasty warm this winter. Mom says I have to share it with her, which is only fair since she’s the one who knows how to work the controls.

Since it was new and I was a bit tired from all my mouse-eating excitement, I didn’t want to get on the blanket.  I’ll save that for later.

Thanks for coming to see my birthday celebration.

Celebrations - Gotcha Days and Birthdays

10-year Gotcha Day Anniversary

We’re celebrating my 10-year Gotcha Day, which was on December 5. We also call it Choosing Day because it’s the day I chose my Mom, and she and Dad agreed I was a great choice to join their family.

Besides it being my 10-year anniversary, Mom & Dad know I’ve had a difficult year with all my health issues. They decided I deserved something new and fun to enrich my life, so they got me the tall perch on the right.

They put it next to one of my lower perches so this 14-year old lady cat can get up and down easily.
Raven's new tall perch

Now I can rest in a tall perch behind the couch as Mom & Dad watch t.v. Raven's new perch 2

I can also look across the room to my big front window and watch outside.  I might have to have them move that table lamp!

View from my perch1

I’m fortunate to have chosen such a wonderful home.