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New fishy friends

A couple weeks ago Black Betta died and I planned to move Orange Betta into the slightly larger tank and maintain only five tanks instead of six. That plan changed a couple days later when Black Betta summoned his friend … Continue reading

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Farewell Red, Hello Orange

Today we said farewell to Red Betta, who went to the big fish bowl in the sky. He was an older fish and has been slowing down for a few weeks. He seemed ok last night, but wasn’t moving this … Continue reading

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I’m getting crowded by fish!

I thought this blog was supposed to be about me, but I’m starting to wonder when I’ll get top billing again. As you saw in my last two posts, we added three betta fish to the family: Red, Blue, and … Continue reading

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Bettas – Violet is better. Red and Blue are happy fish.

It’s taken over 2 weeks, but Violet betta seems to have turned the corner and is doing better. He’s been on a special diet and his constipation seems to have cleared up. Bettas have a very short digestive tract and … Continue reading

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