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Spring Outing

On Sunday I was feeling ok (not great, but not terrible), so Mom decided I might enjoy going outside to explore the yard. It was a pleasant day and she thought some fresh air and a change of scenery would … Continue reading

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New bird in my yard

It’s been very quiet around here, but this morning we had a little excitement with a new bird visiting our yard. This is a Northern Flicker. It’s a type of woodpecker that likes to probe the ground for ants. It … Continue reading

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New Show on Bird T.V.

I saw a new bird in the yard today.  It’s called a Spotted Towhee. He was searching in the bark for food. With his rust colored sides and spotted wings, he’s one of the more colorful birds we’ve seen in … Continue reading

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Bird t.v.

I thought I’d share a quick video of the bird t.v. I’ve been watching. There’s no sound in the video because we were inside the house using a telephoto lens. The finches are fun to watch and there’s even a … Continue reading

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