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Pretty Flowers and Cute Kitties

Wolfie and Tilly enjoyed investigating some gladiolus that I brought in from the garden. Getting a good photo of them together was impossible. There were lots of photos of half-kittens, tails, and blurry kittens. Eventually I got a few good shots.

Kittens on table with flowers
Round and a round they go.
Kittens on table with flowers
When they stop…. not facing the camera!
Kittens on table with flowers
Wolfie coming, Tilly going.
Tilly smelling gladiolas
Tilly investigating a flower stalk
Tilly looking adorable
Tilly looking adorable. Unfortunately, with a cluttered background.
Wolfie smelling gladiolas
Wolfie sniffing a flower stalk
Wolfie looking adorable
Wolfie looking adorable
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Spring Outing

On Sunday I was feeling ok (not great, but not terrible), so Mom decided I might enjoy going outside to explore the yard. It was a pleasant day and she thought some fresh air and a change of scenery would be good for me. She said something to Dad about this possibly being my last spring (and hopefully summer & fall), so we plan to make the most of it. Mom is a realist and she’s making sure I enjoy as much as I can as I get older and my health gets more fragile.

Here I am exploring the main part of the yard. I walk on the mow strip so I don’t have to get my paws on the grass. There was lots of stuff to look at and sniff. There are some statues, a bird bath, and some big logs. That green mesh fencing keeps the birds out of our blueberry bushes.


Then I decided to explore the other side of the yard. This side isn’t quite as scenic since it’s our utility area with a  big shed for the garden supplies. Someone was lazy and didn’t roll up the hoses. 

All told, I did a loop around most of the yard. I wasn’t very energetic, but it was nice to be out in the fresh air and look around and sniff stuff. We’re just beginning spring weather and have some blooming flowers, but there’s a lot of cleanup and planting ahead. The white stuff on the house is primer that got us through winter. We need to do some painting too.

I hope you enjoyed watching a bit of my outing. Mom paused & restarted the video a lot so you didn’t have to watch me contemplating the fresh air.

Maybe next time I go out it will be sunny and I can enjoy lounging outdoors in a warm sunpuddle. Stay tuned!

Garden, Random musings

New bird in my yard

It’s been very quiet around here, but this morning we had a little excitement with a new bird visiting our yard.

This is a Northern Flicker. It’s a type of woodpecker that likes to probe the ground for ants. It was visiting our garden beds and lawn looking for breakfast. We don’t spray our yard with bug killer, so there’s probably lots of yummy bugs out there! Hopefully we’ll see more of this bird. It’s  very colorful with red patches on the head and lots of spots on its body.

Norther Flicker

Northern Flicker closer