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Remembering Bentley

A beautiful full moon is rising in a dusky sky. It’s a perfect way to remember our Golden Retriever Bentley who left us 2 years ago today. I miss him, but he lived to 17 years 4 days and had a wonderful life with us. I adopted him just before he was 9 years old and we shared 8 eventful years together.  Here’s his story of living with us. I never could figure out how to put into words what he meant to me as a memorial for him, so his story is still on our website without an “ending”.

pendant.JPGFor all our pets I have jewelry that reminds me of some aspect of their lives. For Bentley, I found a beautiful heart-shaped pendant with a paw imprint. I wear it to honor Bentley and remind myself of the important things he taught me. Patience, gentleness, kindness, devotion, forgiveness and love.

Golden Retriever

Bentley's 17th Birthday

We never expected him to reach 17 years old, but Bentley has astounded all of us with his continuing good health and liveliness.

Of course we continued the tradition started last year and made him a doggy-edible birthday cake. We know it’s silly, but its a way for us to celebrate what a wonderful dog he is and what joy he brings to our life. And if my sharing our unabashed devotion to our pets’ health and happiness inspires someone else to do something fun and interesting with their pet, that’s another benefit!



Bentley’s doggy-edible cake is made of mashed potatoes and decorated mostly with his dry dog food. Since he eats mashed potatoes and kibble for every meal, this treat is safe for him (and vet approved).

The orange decoration on this cake is human-edible icing, but we did not allow Bentley to eat any of that.


Bentley thoroughly enjoyed eating a hunk of his birthday cake, and we enjoyed providing him with the excitement of a novel treat. He’s rarely fed anything outside of his food bowl, so he knows this is a special event!

Golden Retriever

Bentley’s 17th Birthday Bash Begins

Bentley is on DoggySpace and has one special doggy friend that he “barks” with. His name is Boomer and when Boomer learned that Bentley’s 17th birthday was coming, he and his mom wanted to send Bentley a birthday card. We thought that was very thoughtful of them, and since Bentley has never received a birthday card from anyone but his closest family, we waited eagerly for the card to arrive.

Well, Boomer, his mom, and their other furries Darla and Violet didn’t just send a card, they sent a whole box of gifts! We couldn’t be more surprised at this since we only know them from DoggySpace. But pet parents are special people and Boomer and Bentley share a special bond. They are both Senior Goldens who have had some health problem and are dearly loved and care for by their owners. And their owners also enjoy celebrating other doggy’s special events.

These are the cards and gifts Boomer and his family sent. There’s two chew toys, a big tennis ball, some healthy treats, a decorated birthday cookie, and even a party hat! We’ve never seen the yellow dog with tennis ball toy before so that will be a fun one to play with. Boomer’s mom and furry family sent one card, and Boomer sent his very own birthday wishes to Bentley. It all so much fun and excitement for an old guy like Bentley.

Here’s a link to a slideshow of my birthday extravaganza. .
Too many toys all at once is overwhelming for my Senior Doggy brain so I’ll add more photos as I get to play with more of my new toys.

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My 16-3/4 year old photo


This is my 16-3/4 year old photo. I don’t want to brag, but I think I’m still a handsome boy! I had to go the vet this week, and he said I’m doing well, considering my age. He gave me another medicine to make sure I’m not in too much pain from my arthritic hips and was surprised to hear how active I was. He thought I’d be sleeping almost all the time and just getting up to eat and go potty. But I’m up all evening following my mom & dad around the house and sometimes I even go in the front yard and walk to the neighbor’s house to visit the street lamp post and check out the “pee mail” left by all the other dogs in the neighborhood. I leave them a “pee mail” message so they know I’m still around. The vet said I may be the oldest Golden Retriever he knows and he was cautiously optimistic that I would celebrate my 17th birthday on August 8th. I don’t know how mom is going to top the birthday cake I had for my 16th birthday, but I know she’ll do something amazing.