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A day of endings

A few days ago we brought Squatty’s ashes home. They were in a little redwood box that had a slot in front to place a photo. As we returned from the vet’s and drove into the neighborhood, we told Squatty … Continue reading

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We're quiet, but busy

Sorry we’ve been so quiet lately both on our blog and visiting all our anipal friends. The good news is that I’m doing well. Despite my recent haircut I produced a hairball this morning, but it’s been 7 days since … Continue reading

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Nutmeg Hamster's skin and coat

Nutmeg hamster has had dry, flaky skin, his hair is falling out, and he’s been scratching more than usual. Skin & fur problems in hamsters can be caused by aging, kidney disease, parasites, or a poor diet. There’s nothing to … Continue reading

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Monday mischief – Nutmeg's attempted jailbreak

We were looking for some fun blog hops to participate in and we ran across one titled Monday Mischief. It’s hosted by some great doggies, but all animals are invited to participate. Even with only one cat and one hamster, … Continue reading

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