Recreating the scene of the crime

Mom put Sprinkles in her play area last night and quickly discovered what really happened the night Sprinkles escaped. My pink mouse is standing in to help recreate the events.

As part of our usual routine, Sprinkles goes in her play area for 5-10 minutes a few times each evening. Mom watches her because Sprinkles will chew the fabric. When she chews, Mom redirects her or puts her back in her cage.

That night, Mom put Sprinkles in her play area for a final evening romp and then went to put on her pajamas. pink mouse in playland

Oops, Mom got distracted and forgot about Sprinkes. You can guess what happened. Sprinkles chewed her way out of the play area while Mom & Dad slept! playland pink mouse hole

playland hole pink mouse closeup

Mom has some sewing to do before Sprinkles can return to her play area. And she might need to attach a bell to herself whenever a hamster is let out of their cage. That way she won’t forget to make sure all the hammies are back in their cages for the night.

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Thursday morning mishap

Raven [an unknown time in the wee hours of the morning]


Mom [barely awake response] Raven, Quiet!

Mom [7:30 am walking to kitchen to give Raven breakfast]

Oh, cr@p! Sprinkles’ cage door is open.

Sprinkles hamster open cage door

[Searches cage for Sprinkles…no signs of hamster]
[Searches play area. No, I didn’t forget and leave her in there overnight]
[Double checks cage. Her bedding is cold…she’s been gone a while]

Sprinkles, where are you?
Raven, Do you know where Sprinkles is?
Sprinkles got out. This is not good.

Raven – I’d like my breakfast please.

Mom – Ok, if you’re hungry, you probably didn’t eat your sister. Hopefully you didn’t “play” with her and leave her somewhere.

Raven [nom, nom, nom…mmmm breakfast]

Mom [Crawling on floor with flashlight searching for wayward Sprinkles]

Sprinkles, where are you?

She could be anywhere. Big house, little hamster.
I can’t believe I didn’t latch her cage door last night.
Hopefully she’s curled up sleeping somewhere.
I can’t stay home from work today to search for her.
Maybe I can put her cage on the floor and she’ll find her way back in.

Raven [reading Mom’s mind …. and thinking]

Yeah, that’s a genius idea.
Let the rodent explore the house all day.

I tried to warn you she was out, but you shushed me.

I’m not helping with the search & rescue.

We have rules.
1. Hamsters don’t freely roam the house.
2. I don’t eat the hamsters.

I won’t be held responsible for the fate of a hamster who breaks the rules.

My plate is empty.

Mom [searching the 5th room…hears scurrying noise and sees movement from the corner of her eye]

Sprinkles! Thank goodness, there you are.

Let me close the door and put a blanket down so you can’t get out.  Please don’t go into the closet. There’s too many places to hide in there.

A few minutes later, Mom & Dad capture Sprinkles and return her to her cage (and securely latch the door).


Raven, You’re a good girl for not hurting Sprinkles.
Next time I’ll pay attention when you MEEEOOOOWWW in the middle of the night.


I am a good kitty.

I did my best “Lassie” impression and told you there was a problem.

Lucky for you (and Sprinkles) my pink mouse is the only rodent I want to play with.

Oh, don’t forget to refill my plate before you leave for work.

Raven with toy mouse on head

As far as we can tell, Sprinkles was unharmed during her exploration of the house. Raven was probably shocked that Sprinkles was roaming free, and I do think Raven was meowing loudly to let us know something was wrong.

We’re joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop. We’re thankful we were able to find Sprinkles fairly quickly and she was unharmed (but probably exhausted).