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Turning the corner on the road to good health

I’m cautiously optimistic that Raven has turned the corner and will recover without too much more difficulty from her hyperthyroid treatment road trip. For the first time in 4 days, this morning she ate on her own. I’ve been syringe … Continue reading

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A not so easy Sunday, and not an April Fool's

My return home and recovery from radiation treatment of my hyperthyroid has been more difficult than expected. After not eating or drinking for 48 hours, and starting to urinate very little, Mom & Dad decided to take me to the … Continue reading

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There's No Place Like Home

I’m back from the trip where I was given radioiodine to treat my hyperthyroidism. Two days of driving and 4-1/2 days in vet jail was a bit stressful. But Mom thinks I’ll settle back in to my regular routine quickly. It’s … Continue reading

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Hyperthyroid Road Trip

I’m going to Southern California to have my hyperthyroidism treated with radioactive iodine. Since we’re on the road and won’t have access to our usual blogging tools, I’m trying something different. I’ll tweet highlights you can  follow me on Twitter if … Continue reading

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