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Monday Mischief: Lorchen – a kitty who needs a helping paw

Hi everyone. Today I’m going to share an inspiring story about a cat sanctuary and one of the kitties there named Lorchen.

Angel’s Cat Sanctuary is a one-woman sanctuary in Arizona. Hannelore took it upon herself to rescue and provide sanctuary to 25 stray and feral cats from a trailer park that was being dismantled. She spent several months building a shelter in her yard, then trapping and spaying/neutering the cats from the trailer park and bringing them to their new home.  Many of you know I’m trying to keep Squatty the Stray – just one cat – safe and well cared for. When I read about Hannelore’s dedication and the lengths she’s gone to in providing a sanctuary for these cats, it touched my heart. I thought it the least I could do to share her story.

Lorchen is a one of the kitties at the sanctuary. Lorchen is beautiful, but unfortunately, her teeth are not so pretty. She has a bad case of stomatitis, which is a very painful condition that causes severe inflammation and other damage in the mouth. Lorchen requires surgery by a veterinary dentist to remove all of her teeth, and that’s going to be expensive! So Angel’s Cat Sanctuary has set up a fund raiser to help pay for Lorchen’s medical bills.

Three other kitties from this colony have needed this surgery, so you can imagine the vet bills have drained her resources. The good news is that after surgery, all three kitties are healthy and doing well, and Lorchen’s future should be the same.

We’ve put a little bit of our money where Lorchen’s mouth is. 🙂 If Lorchen’s situation resonates with you and you would like to donate to her medical care, you can donate via PayPal on their Angel’s Cat Sanctuary website. If you donate via PayPal you may want to note that it is for Lorchen’s surgery.

If you aren’t able to donate, maybe you could visit Angel’s Cat Sanctuary on Facebook and offer your support to Hannelore. I know caring for one or two pets with health issues is stressful, and I can’t imagine the emotional ups and downs of caring for 36 cats and 4 dogs, some of which have medical issues that need dealing with! Or maybe you can share a link to the fundraiser on your social media to help spread the word about Lorchen and the sanctuary.

You might be wondering how this relates to Monday Mischief.

Here’s a recent photo of Lorchen being mischievous and not allowing her kitty friend Rosie to go potty in private. You can barely see Rosie’s tail in the bottom left, but Lorchen is right there supervising! Imagine how much mischief Lorchen will get into when her mouth is healthy and she’s feeling better!


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Help animals with just a click.


Last week mom ordered a few items from The Animal Rescue Site. She got herself a paw-print tote bag that she can use in winter to carry her stuff to work. She also bought me a cute bowl, and got a second bowl as a gift for my cousin Pewter. She thought I’d like the box, but it’s nothing special.

The great thing about this site is that purchases  support a variety of causes. Mom shops using the Animals site, but you can support other causes including Hunger, Breast Cancer, Veterans, Autism, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, Literacy, and the Rainforest. All the causes are listed on the site and you can easily shop among them.

For animals, one of their partners is the The Rescue Bank. Pet food manufacturers donate food that is nearing it’s “best by” date, has minor packaging defects, or is being rebranded. The food is still perfectly good, so this is a great way for manufacturers to reduce their inventory without the food going to waste.  The Animal Rescue Site pays for the food to be shipped to distribution centers, then non-profit animal shelters and rescues get the food for free!

Mom’s purchase funded 42 bowls of food for animals in need, and she didn’t have to do anything but buy stuff she was going to buy anyway.

You can help without buying anything.

The best part is  you can help without spending a single penny. You can “click to give” every day using the graphic below.  We have a smaller graphic in our sidebar so you can easily click whenever you visit our blog. Just one extra click while you’re reading anipal blogs can help support animal rescues. Go on, give it a try. Actually, it will be two clicks, but give it a try anyway and see how easy it is.

The Animal Rescue Site

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Lightening needs your healing purrs (and woofs)

Lightning was nearly starved, but is undergoing treatment thanks to the BrightHaven Rescue. You can help by donating a few dollars if you’re able. Or click the title line in the widget – the part that says “Donations needed for kitty…” and leave a comment of support for Lightening’s care team.

There is more information about this organization here: I noticed their web site is a little slow, but wait for it to load. It looks like they do a lot of good work.

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Hot Rod Kitty. Bringing soldiers’ anipals home to the U.S.

Last week we posted information about Dishka, a dog in Afghanistan that the The Puppy Rescue Mission is trying to bring to the U.S.  Today we saw that they’re also raising funds to bring Hot Rod, a black kitty to the U.S.

We feel bad posting twice about animals needing assistance. We know that everyone has limited money and favorite charities they support. And we also try to keep our blog upbeat and fun to read. But we couldn’t resist sharing information about a soldier trying to get a kitty out of Afghanistan!

Helping doesn’t require money.

If you think this is a worthwhile cause, one of the most helpful things you can do is share the info on your bloggy, Twitter, Facebook, or other social media. I know that my blog doesn’t reach many readers but some of you have lots of followers and you could make a huge impact by spreading the word. You can share or tweet directly from Hot Rod’s page

We found this on the Puppy Rescue Mission website:

Although the majority of our rescues are dogs, we do occasionally have requests from soldiers to save their cats as well. Our motto is that if the companion animal is important enough for the soldier to want to rescue then they are important enough to us to do so. Battle buddies come in all different sizes, colors and species and we do not discriminate.

Anyway, we hope Hot Rod gets to the U. S. soon. I’m sure his soldier’s family will give him a home better than anything he’s ever had.

Everyone have a safe and fun Halloween. I won’t be posting this year because I’ll be locked in the back bedroom far away from the little goblins at our front door. Instead, we’ll share a link to last year’s post with a cute black cat Halloween postcard.