Neighborhood animals

Comfortable Intruder

I think my neighbor Jackie is a little too comfortable in my garage.

Jackie cat lying in garage

Mom & Dad usually make her stay out of  our garage, but Mom came out from the house and saw Jackie lounging beside the car. Dad was in the other half of the garage fixing his bicycle and Jackie decided to come in and “supervise”.  Mom will have to go vacuum the little carpet to get rid of Jackie’s furs, but I’ll still be able to smell that she was there. I’m not sure whether or not to be offended that she made herself at home in my garage. What do you think?

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Not Me Sunday Selfies – Duke and Duchess

These are my doggy friends Duke (black) and Duchess (white). They are Shih Tzus who live a few houses down the street. Whenever Mom sees them on their walk, she goes out to give them treats. When she calls “Dukey, Duchess”, they hurry over because they know it’s time for treats and loves.

Duke and Duchess

For more great selfies, hop on over to The Cat On My Head’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop.

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Jackie gets love while her family is away

My neighbor kitty, Jackie, has been lonely while her family is away. Jackie spends a lot of her time in our yard and Ken’s, and everyone is always happy to give her some love. She also sits by our door or window meowing for attention and even tries to peek in the house when we open the front door.

Friday evening, Mom sat with Jackie on the front porch and made sure she got plenty of loves. Dad pets her a lot too, but doesn’t hold her due to his cat allergies.

Saturday morning she was across the street on Ken’s porch getting morning sunshine snuggles.

Mom texted these photos to Jackie’s family to let them know Jackie was missing them but was getting lots of love. They said they are at Disneyland, so Mom found our princess hat and sent a photo saying Jackie hoped she was still their favorite princess.


They replied, of course she was, and they could see Jackie was getting lots of love. Maybe she was even a little spoiled!

Hey – that was my sister Sammi’s princess hat and I’m not sure I like Jackie wearing it. I’m your princess now.

Don’t worry Raven, Jackie didn’t enjoy the hat and you’ll always be our princess, with our without a hat.   

Neighborhood animals

Welcome back Coco Puff

Neighborhood kitty Coco Puff came to my patio this morning. She (or he) surprised Mom and was all the way up on the step to my sliding door where I lay and watch over my backyard.

When Coco Puff saw Mom, she went behind a planter on the patio and decided to do a bit of grooming.

I was in the front room, but I heard mom talking to Coco Puff and came to investigate.
Mom told Coco Puff she can stay as long as she doesn’t upset me. We enjoyed looking at each other for a while until Coco wandered off.

It’s forecast to be 110 degrees here today (already 92 at 11 a.m.), so Mom put a fresh bowl of water on a nearby door step for Coco. Coco was brave and went up to investigate, but didn’t drink anything. That’s good….Coco probably has lots of water around the neighborhood to drink.

I hope everyone has a safe Caturday. So many areas of the U. S. are battling rain, floods, fires, and heat! There’s a big fire about 80 miles north of us and we’re getting a lot of smoke. Between the heat and smoke, I’m missing out on my open window time! But fall is coming and the weather will be milder soon.

p.s. Mom got a pretty good look at Coco Puff’s nether regions and didn’t see any obvious boy bits. Mom suspects Coco is either a girl kitty or a neutered boy.