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Cloud Hamster Journeys to Spirit World

I’ve been procrastinating writing this post, but it’s time.

Our beautiful, friendly hamster Cloud became very ill and had to be euthanized.

Fluffy Cloud hamster

We noticed he was less active for a couple weeks, but he didn’t show any signs of being sick. Wednesday evening (April 8) Mom noticed that he hadn’t eaten the treats she scattered around his cage the night before. He was also very lethargic. Mom syringe fed him some sugar water and hoped that would perk him up. On Thursday morning we took him to the vet, but he was already in very serious condition and the vet thought his chance of recovering was very poor.

Since we didn’t want our sweet hammy to suffer, our only choice was to have him put to sleep. With the coronavirus pandemic safety measures in place, we weren’t allowed in the clinic for the exam. A tech came to the car to get Cloud and we talked with the vet by phone. After the vet gave the injection, a tech brought Cloud out to us so I could hold him as he journeyed to Spirit World. I’m sure he felt our warmth and love as he slipped away. The vet came out a few minutes later to be sure the process was complete and express her sympathies.

We had Cloud not quite 1 year. We assumed he was a youngster when we rescued him, but maybe he was older and that’s why he became ill sooner than we ever expected.

Here are a few of my favorite photos of him.

Cloud hamster

He enjoyed a warm cuddle in his Dad’s hands. Dad thought the tuft of stand-up of fur on the top of Cloud’s head was cute.Cloud in Dad's hands

Mmmmm, egg treats are yummy. Cloud eating egg

Cloud welcoming Thunder Hamster to the family.Cloud visiting Thunder

We buried Cloud in a flower bed, where his body will be surrounded by colorful flowers as his spirit soars.

Cloud garden

We’ve been keeping a close eye on Thunder and Sprinkles. They were also a bit less active, but appear to be doing fine.

Hamsters, Pet loss, Squatty the stray

A day of endings

Squatty Close UpA few days ago we brought Squatty’s ashes home. They were in a little redwood box that had a slot in front to place a photo. As we returned from the vet’s and drove into the neighborhood, we told Squatty he was home.

Many people in the neighborhood were familiar with Squatty but there was another house with a couple who also had cared for Squatty for several years. They named him Brutus and were as attached to him as we were. We had agreed that if either of us ever knew that something “bad” happened to our shared  kitty, we’d let the other know.  After we had him put to sleep, I let them know what had happened and said that we had him cremated and would be happy to share his remains with them. Of course they were very sad, but they were also relieved to know that we were with him as he left for Spirit World.

Today we buried a portion of Squatty’s ashes in our front yard beneath a tree where he often slept the afternoon away.  I was a bit unsettled dividing Squatty’s ashes, not because it made me squeamish, but because I felt it was disrespectful to divide him into two. I selfishly wanted part of him buried in our yard, but I knew it was right for his other family to have some of his ashes too. So after burying some of his ashes we took the remainder in the redwood box, along with a few photos of him, to his other family. They didn’t have any photos, so there were glad to have those too, and really liked the one shown above. They were glad to have their “Brutus” home and were going to put a photo in the front of his box.

Nutmeg HamsterWe also buried our hamster Nutmeg Strudel tonight. We adopted him from the SPCA about 18 months ago and gave him a fantastic life here in a huge cage. He got to come out for playtime almost every night and had lots of healthy treats like fresh carrot and pine nuts. We knew for a few weeks that his health was declining so we were prepared for his passing. This morning he was very listless, and I held him in my hands so he could feel the warmth and be cozy. I put him in a cozy spot in his cage and he passed away peacefully a few hours later.

I always feel that the process of losing a pet isn’t complete until their remains are home or they are buried. That step brings a finality to their physical presence but continues their everlasting presence in our hearts.

Hamsters, Pet loss

Caturday is a little bit of a Sadurday

Last week we mentioned that Portland Hamster wasn’t doing well. Mom’s been taking extra-special care of him as he took his journey to Spirit World and last night he found his way over the Bridge.  Portland joined our family at the end of January 2104. He was at the animal shelter and his name was LuLu. Mom thought that was a “girly” name for a male hamster, so she named him Portland because that weekend Dad was away in Portland, Oregon.

Portland was an older hamster when he joined our family, so mom knew he wouldn’t be with us for a long time. We had him only 7 months, but we’re pretty sure he enjoyed life as an Indulged Furry.  He had a huge cage, lots of good food with fresh fruits & vegetables, and lots of time out of his cage in the play area or in his ball.

We’ll miss the little furry, but we’re glad we were able to share a little bit of time together.

Here are some photos of little Portland and the life he had with us.

Portland nest.jpg

Portland 4-12-14 (4).JPG

Portland 4-12-14 (5).JPG

Portland playing.jpg

Mom and Dad will find a nice spot in the yard to bury Portland. We’ll be a sad for a little while, but then we’ll focus on what a spunky companion Portland was and the wonderful life he had.

Hamsters, Pet loss

Tuxie Tornado left us for Spirit World

Nearly two years ago we got Tux from the pet store. When we first held him he was very sweet but a bit shy. He kept his ears flat against his head and wasn’t very adventurous. The poor little guy was being  bullied by his dominant hamster siblings! Of course we adopted him because we couldn’t put him back in his cage to cower with his big brothers beating up on him.

Tux was a fun little guy. He was very gentle and always took his treats very slowly and carefully from our fingers. He enjoyed the pumpkin seeds we unshelled for him. His favorite treats were banana, apple, golden raisins (not the regular dark ones), dried cranberries, strawberries, almonds, pine nuts, cooked rice, chicken, and shrimp.

He loved to make a big cave of his bedding material and create a tunnel to go in and out.

Here are some of my favorite photos of him.



It was just a month ago that he started not feeling well and we decided we better give him his middle name. We decided on Tuxie Tornado because he worked so hard at keeping his house clean that he’d move his house around like a tornado.

Thanks for sharing your life with us little guy.