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Raven enjoys a new food

We’ve had a bit of positivity with Raven this past week. We found another food that she enjoys and doesn’t upset her system. It’s Rawz rabbit pâté. It has a well-blended consistency that she prefers. She’s eaten rabbit-based food for … Continue reading

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Unglamorous Litter Box Update

Due to my allergies, Mom has been reluctant to change anything in the house, including the brand of litter I use. But she’s fed up with the current brand and decided to try a new cat litter. Out with the old … Continue reading

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Restocking the scratcher supply

Mom hasn’t ordered a backup big scratcher lounger yet but she did restock my supply of Smartykat Cat Chaise scratchers. These are the ones I actually scratch on. She takes two scratchers and glues the edges together to make a double-wide. One … Continue reading

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Time to replace my scratcher lounge

Last night Mom heard barfy noises and this morning she found a hairball in the one place that’s impossible to clean – on one of my giant cardboard scratchers. I hacked up a hairball once before on this scratcher, so … Continue reading

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