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Peaceful coexistance from a distance

Raven: “What are you looking at?” Squatty: “You. What are you looking at?” Raven: “You.” Squatty: “When is dinner?” Raven: “You already ate, you piggy.” Squatty: “When is dessert?” Raven: “If you hang around long enough, mom will bring you … Continue reading

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Squatty's Winter Straw Bed

It’s getting cold, windy, and rainy here so we wanted to try to give Squatty the Stray someplace a little warmer to snooze. He won’t get on a blanket or go into a shelter, so we thought a pile of … Continue reading

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Squatty The Stray a.k.a Brutus

Mom often wonders where Squatty goes when he’s not in our yard, so several months ago she followed him as he went up the street, turned right, crossed the road and went into the yard about 4 houses down. She … Continue reading

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Caturday Art: Squatty's Halloween

What’s most important to me about this photo is the story behind it.  I took this photo on Halloween evening. After work, I sat with Squatty the Stray on the front porch while he ate his dinner and I told … Continue reading

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