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When the cats are napping, I’m stamp collecting

Most of you are long-time readers and might remember that I collect postage stamps. I’ve shown some of them on the blog.

I’ve rekindled my interest in stamp collecting and decided to start another blog called Catnap Stamp Collecting.

I think you’ll enjoy the stamp blog, especially if you like animals. There will be plenty of cats, but also wildlife and the occasional horse, rabbit, dog, hamster, bird, guinea pig, sea creature, and reptile. I collect stamps on a few other topics, and I’ll be sharing those too. You’ll see stamps about climate change, space exploration, and miscellaneous stamps that make me smile. The blog is kid-friendly so it’s something you could do with any little humans that enjoy looking at pictures.

In recognition of Global Tiger Day, today’s post is about …. Tigers! I hope you visit and enjoy seeing the stamps from my collection. Here’s one of the stamps featured in today’s post. Click the stamp to visit my other blog and see the other beautiful tiger stamps.

Laos, 1965. Tiger airmail stamp

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World Veterinary Day

Today is World Veterinary Day. We all know that veterinarians are essential to the health and well being of our pets, but they do so much more. They may work in shelter medicine, with farm animals & food safety, horse racing, biomedical research, developing new medicines, zoos, education, and other fields.

Many of you know Mom collects postage stamps. Her goal is to collect a cat or wildlife stamp from every country. Different countries and cultures have different attitudes towards animals, and this is often reflected in the postage stamps they produce. Portugal is not known for am abundance of veterinary care for domestic pets, so stamps with cats are not common. But they did produce this stamp in 2011 for International Veterinary Medicine.

I’ll let you know when it’s part of our collection.

Stamps, Coins & Postcards

Dog Postage Stamp from Mongolia

Mom & Dad went to a stamp show today. They found a lot of interesting cat-themed postage stamps from various countries, and we’ll share some of those later.

But they also found this dog-themed stamp from Mongolia. At first Mom noticed the odd expression on the dog’s face, especially how it’s mouth is kind-of smiling. Then she noticed how long the dog’s neck is. Maybe there is a Mongolian dog breed that has a long neck, or maybe the artist thought the neck should be long like the camels in the background.  Looking at the composition of the entire image, maybe they should have swapped the location of the camels and tents so it doesn’t look like the dog is pooping camels!

Mongolia postage stamp dog

Here’s a bigger picture of just the dog.

Mongolia 2052 (dog)-zoom.JPGThey thought the stamp was interesting enough to purchase and add to Mom’s collection. We hope you got a grin out of seeing this stamp.

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Coins with cat images

Mom and Dad went to a coin show last weekend and found some cat-themed coins.

The first is a coin from Canada that has a snarling cougar.

Canada $5 Cougar

The next two are from the Isle of Man:
A Norwegian Forest Cat

Isle of Man Norwegian Forest Cat coin

And an Alley Cat

Isle of Man Alley Cat coin

These coins are all larger (1.5 inches or 4 cm; the size of a U.S. silver dollar). Mom wishes more U.S. coins had animals instead of dead presidents. Even when there’s an animal on one of the newer quarters, it’s very small. Maybe there should be a new rule that all money must have something furry on it!