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Postage Stamps with Cats (and an aardvark!)

I went to a stamp show a couple weeks ago and purchased some postage stamps with cats on them. You can click all the images to see a larger version.

These are from Burkina Faso (in western Africa).

Kittens and puppies
Burkina Faso cat stamps 1
Kittens playing with mouse, frog, butterfly, toys
Burkina Faso cat stamps 2
Various cat breeds with a colorful borderBurkina Faso cat stamps 3

I also found these animal stamps from Ghana. It’s not very often that you seen an aardvark on a postage stamp!

Ghana animal stamps
I hope you enjoyed seeing some cat postage stamps.

Stamps, Coins & Postcards

Coins depicting cats

I’ve shared pictures of postage stamps, but today I thought I’d share some coins that depict cats. The U. S. state quarters have some birds, horses, cow (Wisconsin), bison, fish (Washington), and bear (Alaska). But mostly we have a lot of eagles and buffalo on our coins. It’s interesting to find foreign coins with animals, especially cats.

This one if from the Isle of Man.

And this lioness is from the Republic of Chad.

Stamp and coin collecting aren’t as popular as they once were, but I find it’s an interesting way to see various styles of art and learn a bit of geography and history.

Stamps, Coins & Postcards

Cat postage stamps from Great Britain

It’s been a while since I’ve shared postage stamps from my collection. These are from Great Britain.

These stamps honor Edward Lear who wrote poetry such as  The Owl and The Pussy-Cat.

I thought the pen-and-ink artwork on the stamps of cats in daily life was unique and very pretty.

p.s. Hopefully I will do something blog worthy and will be featured on my blog again soon. My last appearance was over two weeks ago!

Stamps, Coins & Postcards

British Shorthair Postage Stamp from Monaco

Mom added some new stamps to her collection. This stamp from Monaco features a British Shorthair and commemorates the 2014 International Feline Exposition.


She ordered it from the Monaco postal service, and since most of the cost is just to have the stamps mailed to the United States, she also ordered an interesting jelly fish stamp sheet.
MonacoJellyFish.jpgMom & Dad like ocean life, especially jelly fish. One of their favorite places to visit is the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which has a well known jelly fish exhibit. I think it would be fun to visit this big fish tank and watch the graceful jellies float around.