Cat antics

Thankful Thursday

No kitties were harmed in the making of this video. I can’t say the same for the window treatment.

Video of Molly (and Pearl) after Molly tried to jump to the window valence.

We’re planning to replace the window treatments soon because they’re nearly 20 years old and have seen better days. But I’d rather Molly not help us.

We’re joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday blog hop. Hop along and see all the thankfuls.

Cat antics

Kitty See, Kitty Do

I’ve shared before that Wolfie loves writhing around on the kitchen counter. The counter is clean, but he must smell something enticing. I also think he enjoys how slippery the countertop is and it’s fun to slide on.

First, Wolfie is playing on the counter with his little sister Molly watching and learning. Sorry it’s so dark but the camera is picking up light from the patio door in the background.

Wolfie writhing on the kitchen counter as Molly watches.

Then Molly joins in. She loves playing with Wolfie and mimicking him. At the very end of the video, the bag of Frosted Flakes goes over the edge. Thankfully it was clipped shut.

Molly mimicking her big brother Wolfie wriggling on the kitchen counter.

Pearl wants to find out what her sister is doing. She’s not quite sure if Molly is trying to play or just being weird.

Pearl comes to see what Molly is doing.

Hopefully, Molly won’t do this when we’re not there to supervise because she doesn’t pay attention to what she’s doing, and we fear she’ll roll off the counter and hurt her leg again!

Cat antics

Moving forward

As most of you have had to do after losing a pet, we’re trying to move forward and adjust to life without Tilly. Wolfie is occasionally a bit out of sorts, and we’re guessing he’s missing her. I think it will take another week or so for him to get used to his sister not being around.

Molly has decided she will be the caretaker of Tilly’s nip pot. She’s very good at inspecting the new leaves and sniffing to detect if other cats have visited.

Kitty Molly in a pot of catnip.
Molly in the nip pot

Pet loss

We said goodbye to Tilly today

Cat Tilly resting on a tree branch.
Tilly resting on a tree branch

I want to thank you all for your concern and support for Tilly in my last post.

We have always done whatever we can to treat our ailing pets, and our hearts told us to do the same for Tilly. But after several conversations with the vets, we decided the major dental surgery and lengthy recovery was not in Tilly’s best interest. She has been unhappy and in pain for several months, and she was noticeably worse this past week.

We decided the kindest thing we could do for her was to end her suffering in a quick and gentle way. She was euthanized this morning after spending some time outside, enjoying a yummy tube of chicken treat, and getting lots of love from me and her Dad.

This is the hardest decision we have ever had to make. But we did what we knew was best for Tilly.

Give all your pets an extra snuggle. And take care.