Dizzy Beanie Baby to help a furiend

Beanie Baby DizzyWe don’t have a real dog right now, but mom has lots of Beanie Babies. We’d never have a real Dalmation because mom says they’re too high energy for us, so this stuffed Dalmation is more our speed. His name is Dizzy … or her name …. we didn’t lift the tail to check … but hopefully it’s been neutered or spayed …  and he’s really cute. He has lots of spots and has one smack in the middle of his snout.

Dalmations are working dogs and Dizzy wanted to have more purpose in his life. So mom thought he could be of service by being in an auction to raise funds to help with  large vet bills that Miss Mini from ‘George the Duck’ recently had. Miss Mini had to stay at the vet’s for several days and needs medication to keep her heart healthy. Since anipals always pull together to help one of our furiends, the Cat Blogosphere organized an auction to help with Miss Mini’s vet bills. You can bid on Dizzy here. And there are lots of other wonderful items that may interest you.

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Sunshine Blogger Award

Sunshine BloggerWe are very surprised and honored to receive the Sunshine Blogger award from Daisy, Gretchen, and Banjo who are German Shorthair Pointers.

Mom’s brother had a German Shorthair Pointer named Curly. Curly was smart, playful and loved attention. But after a two week visit, all mom’s clothes had dog hair embedded in it. She never got all that hair out and that’s when she decided she’d always have long-haired pets because the hair stays on the surface and can be easily cleaned up.

But back to the award. With this award, we have to answer the following questions about ourselves.

Favorite Number

  • I like one because I get to be top kitty.  When we had two, Sammi was top kitty.
  • Mom likes three because she had three kitties who started the Indulged Furry family.
  • Dad said he doesn’t have a favorite number. Gosh, he’s no fun!
  • Tux and Snowy hamster like one. They aren’t aware of much other than themselves.

Favorite Drink (Non-Alcoholic)

  • I like water, especially from my flowing fountain. I don’t like tuna juice or milk.
  • Mom likes water but it has to be cold.
  • Dad’s favorite is Cranberry-Grapefruit Sobe.
  • Tux and Snowy hamster like juicy strawberries (that’s really a food, but they don’t have anything to drink but water).

Facebook or Twitter

  • I twitter with mom as my typist.
  • Mom twitters.
  • Dad doesn’t do social media.
  • Tux and Snowy hamster don’t know what we’re talking about.

My Passion

  • My passion is seeking out cobwebs and dust bunnies.
  • Mom’s passion is indulging all the furries who live here.
  • Dad’s passion is “disciplining the cat”…. ha, ha, ha!!!
  • Tux and Snowy hamster say wheel, ball, wheel, ball, wheel, ball, wheel, ball.

Favorite Pattern

  • Solid, of course.
  • Mom likes solid too.
  • Dad is laughing at this question, but he says solid too.
  • Tux (mostly black) and Snowy (white) hamster like solid, so we’re unanimous.

Favorite Day of the Week

  • I like Saturday because it’s the first day of the weekend when Mom & Dad don’t go to work.
  • Mom likes Friday because it’s the end of the work week.
  • Dad likes Sunday because there’s lots of football on tv.
  • Tux and Snowy hamster only know day from night. They like night.

Favorite Flower

  • I stay indoors so I don’t know much about flowers. There are many flowers in my yard and I watch hummingbirds come visit.
  • Mom likes daylilies, petunias, and columbine.
  • Dad likes primrose.
  • Tux and Snowy hamster like sunflowers. They make tasty seeds.

We also get to share this award with 10 other bloggers. Mom tried to find who started the Sunshine Blogger award, but couldn’t figure that out. The award has been around for a long time and is shared on a wide variety of blogs. Most of mom’s favorite blogs already have the Sunshine Blogger award but we’re going to list 10 of our favorites that you can check out for yourself.

  1. Celestial Kitties
  2. Oldcat’s Eye click Archive in the top right corner to see some fantastic cat photos.
  3. Kissanelamaa (Finish language but we enjoy the photos and there’s an English translation that almost makes sense!)
  4. The Saturday PhotoHunt mom participates when she has a pet photo that fits the theme.
  5. Pandafur
  6. Pumpkinpuddy
  7. Rumblebum
  8. Katnip Lounge
  9. Insights into veterinary endocrinology (Dr. Peterson’s vet blog. Mom has had diabetic and hyperthyroid cats so she likes to read about this stuff).
  10. Cat Man Do (Dr. Plotnick’s vet blog that is great for pet owners.

We’re glad that we bring a little sunshine to your day. Thanks again for the award and we’d love for you to leave us a little sunshine in a comment. 

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Saturday PhotoHunt – Hairy

This is my cat Edward Lionheart. He was very hairy!

Eddie Bear catHe had so much hair his dad would plant toys on his side and Eddie wouldn’t even twitch.

Eddie Bear cat with toys

Even his toes were hairy.

Eddie Bear Cat hairy toesEdward Lionheart was his official name, but we called him Eddie Bear. He had a bit of an unfortunate life before coming to live with us, but he quickly became a big, healthy, hairy teddy bear. Every day when I came home from work I’d lay down on the floor to watch the news. Eddie Bear would run to the living room ahead of me, then climb aboard the momma, close his eyes, nuzzle into my hair, and drool. Even though I needed to rinse my hair afterwards, I couldn’t deny my Eddie Bear something that made him so happy.

Eddie Bear cat nuzzling mom's hair

This week’s Saturday PhotoHunt begins here.

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Postage stamp for our friend Sparkle cat

I met Sparkle cat during the Saturday PhotoHunt. Sparkle is a Somali cat, and comes from parents who won lots of awards for being excellent examples of the Somali breed.  Sparkle is famous and has even written books. Animal Planet has a short educational video about Somali cats. Who could resist a cat breed known for having a bushy tail!

In a set of postage stamps from Togo, Sparkle’s Somali breed got top billing. I shared four of the stamps yesterday, and today I’m sharing the rest. You can click each image to enlarge it.

Togo Somali postage stamp

A Balinese – Togo Balinese postage stamp

And a “California” cat.  I’m not sure what breed that is, and I live in California!Togo "California" cat postage stamp

I hope everyone enjoyed seeing some of our postage stamps featuring cats. We’ll take a break from stamps for a bit and post about me, in the flesh. After all, I’m the inspiration for all things cat in my house.

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Postage stamp for our friend Diego Hamlet Moonfur

After yesterday’s post, I couldn’t let poor Hammy be taunted by his big brother Rumblepurr, so I thought I’d share this postage stamp so Hammy wouldn’t feel left out.  It’s part of a collection of stamps from Togo, a small country in west Africa. Mom likes these stamps because they feature cats and because they are triangle shape.

Here’s a stamp featuring a Ragdoll, just like you Diego! You can click the image to make it bigger.

Togo postage stamp featuring Ragdoll cat

Animal Planet has a short educational video about the Ragdoll.  Ragdolls are wonderful kitties. Our neighbors Tippy and Tyler are Ragdolls and we think they are fantastic – big, soft, and friendly.  Our handsome friends d’Artagnan Rumblepurr and Diego Hamlet Moonfur have a fun blog at Rumblebum.

Here are a few other stamps from that series.

An Occicat –

Togo Ocicat postage stamp

A British Shorthair – Togo British Shorthair postage stamp

A Colorpoint (I’m guessing Siamese, since colorpoint is a fur color pattern, not a breed)Togo Colorpoint postage stamp

There are more stamps in this set from Togo, including one for our friend Sparkle. We’ll post that one tomorrow.

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A postage stamp for my friend Rumblepurr

1988 Cat US Postage Stamps Rumbles, look what I found in my collection. The bottom-left stamp has a Maine Coon cat. It doesn’t look like you, but you’re a Maine Coon too so you’re like cousins.

You can click the image to make it bigger. All the kitties are beautiful.  These stamps are from 1988 and feature 8 different breeds of cats.

Now we need to find a stamp of Diego. He looks Birman or Ragdoll….I’m not sure. Do you know if he’s a particular breed?

Our friends d’Artagnan Rumblepurr and Diego Hamlet Moonfur blog at Rumblebum. Both of them are much more handsome than any of the cats pictured in these stamps.

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Postage stamp from Monaco – the Russian Blue

Egyptian Mau cat postage stamp MonacoLast time I shared a stamp from Monaco featuring an Egyptian Mau. This time we’re sharing the 2012 international cat show commemorative stamp featuring the Russian Blue.

The Russian Blue is thought to originate in the 1800s from the Archangel Isles in northern Russia.  The cold environment  meant having a thick fur coat was needed to stay warm. Breeders from England and Scandinavia worked to develop the modern Russian Blue which has a plush silvery (“blue”) coat. The Russian Blue’s fur is so dense that you can use your finger to draw patterns in it. I thing that could be very entertaining, as long as kitty isn’t ticklish. The other striking feature of this breed is their vivid, emerald green eyes.

This breed is playful and very intelligent. But they don’t like changes in their home life.  Animal Planet has a short educational video on the Russian Blue.


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