Raven’s 14th Birthday

Today is the day we celebrate my birthday. I don’t need toys and I don’t eat treats, but I did get a lot of extra snuggles and loves from Mom & Dad. We’re all very happy and thankful that I’m currently healthy and enjoying a quiet kitty life.

Raven on couch

Last post we said we’d have some fun, and this is it! I was having fun watching my Dad be silly. What did you expect from a 14 year old lady cat?

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Good News Update

I just wanted to post a quick note to let you all know I’m feeling much better. I thought I’d also share that I have the best Mom ever! You know in movies how girls get sick and a girlfriend holds their hair back so it doesn’t get barfied on? Mom had to do that with me. She held a towel in front if my chest like a bib so I didn’t get pukies on my floofy furs.

Now to something more exciting. Next week is my birthday! We’ll be sure to do a proper birthday post and have some fun.



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Sorry for being a missing blogging anipal

Just a quick update to let you all know we miss visiting your blogs and we’re not trying to be bad blogging anipals. We intended to catch up on visiting everyone this week, but life has thrown us a curve.

Raven has been quite ill, with more vomiting than any cat should have to endure! The vet thinks she’s having a flare-up of inflammatory GI issues that have been lurking for a few years.

We’ll get over this hurdle.  And after I get some sleep, I’ll get back to visiting your blogs.  I know all of you have been in our shoes, and thanks for understanding.



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Small stuff

There’s hasn’t been much excitement around here lately.

Mom got a tote bag with a cute graphic of a black cat and flowers. Strangely, they were at the Wild Bird Store to buy bird feeding supplies, but there’s no bird in the picture. She didn’t need another tote, but couldn’t pass it up.

Tote bag

I went to the vet to get my teeth cleaned. I did well under anesthesia and did not need any teeth pulled. All my teeth are shiny white and tartar free. Mom wishes she could brush my teeth, but I will not allow it. I’m tolerating her giving me antibiotics f0r 10 days.

Sorry we’ve been away from visiting your blogs. Mom & Dad have been doing lots of retirement planning. If their plan comes together, Dad will stop going to work next Spring and Mom will stop working next Fall. I spend all day not working, so I didn’t know it took so much planning for them to stop working. I will appreciate them being able to spend more time with me. I’m not getting any younger and I enjoy all the open window time I can get.

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