Sprinkles the Adventure Hamster

Sprinkles has escaped from her play areas several times. Each time, Mom tries to find a better way to contain our little adventure hamster. Mom put a cover on Sprinkle’s play area, but Sprinkles has learned to nudge the cover over so she can escape! The battle of the wits continues. Mom will modify the play area to try to prevent escape, then Sprinkes will attempt another jailbreak. Who do you think will win?

14 thoughts on “Sprinkles the Adventure Hamster”

    1. Stop! She doesn’t need a cheering section. She escaped again today, even after we weighted down the cover of her enclosure. She was loose in the house for at least an hour. Finally found her in a closet. Also found lots of dust bunnies!

      1. As a Siamese Tortie it is not in my nature to stop encouraging rebellion. I am made of, encourage and admire sass! MEWHAHAHA!

        -Pearl 🐾

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