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Feline Friday – Feeling Fine

Thank you all for your purrs and well-wishes yesterday. After 10 hours and multiple attempts, I finally yacked up a clump of hair that was irritating my tummy. A good night’s sleep helped me feel much more like my usual … Continue reading

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Thankful Thursday – Making the Best of a Bad Day

I’m having a not-so-good day health wise. Actually, it’s a bad day. Mom has “thrown the kitchen sink” at me, meaning she’s given me my anti-nausea and pain medications. Unfortunately, they’re not helping. Even though it’s a scorching hot day … Continue reading

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Sprinkles the Adventure Hamster

Sprinkles has escaped from her play areas several times. Each time, Mom tries to find a better way to contain our little adventure hamster. Mom put a cover on Sprinkle’s play area, but Sprinkles has learned to nudge the cover … Continue reading

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Caturday Art – Raven x5

We were inspired by the artwork Caspurr from Purr-sonally Speaking created a few weeks ago. The Lunapic Sadness filter worked well on the photo of Raven’s gray ladycat ear tufts. But we’re not sad, so we wanted to create an … Continue reading

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