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Gifts for our new kitty neighbor.

We left some gifts on the porch for our new kitty neighbor. This is a strange situation but let me explain. The 18-year old who just moved in next door asked us if we wanted her cat. We declined because … Continue reading

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Comfortable Intruder

I think my neighbor Jackie is a little too comfortable in my garage. Mom & Dad usually make her stay out of  our garage, but Mom came out from the house and saw Jackie lounging beside the car. Dad was … Continue reading

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Happy Father’s Day

Time to wrap Dad’s Father’s Day Gift Mom, I could use your thumb.  Yeah, right there. Dad likes lots of bows & ribbons so I think this will be perfect. That was hard work. Now I need a nap. Snooze, … Continue reading

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10 Amazing Facts about Raven

Other kitties are doing 12 facts, but I skipped 2 questions because I didn’t have answers. 1. What’s your favorite number? 3 – for Mom, Dad, and Me. 2. What is your dream job hobby? Seeker & Eater of Spider … Continue reading

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