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Kittens playing in tissue paper

For Thankful Thursday, I’m thankful that sometimes the kittens can amuse themselves in a pile of tissue paper. The bigger the pile, the more fun they have. Eventually the pile is torn to shreds. It’s a lot less work for me than pulling them around the house on a bed sheet!

Tilly and Wolfie appear in the next video.

We’re joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday blog hop. Hop along and see all the other thankfuls.

Cat antics

“Magic Carpet” Kitty Playtime

This is our version of a “magic carpet ride”. I take an old bedsheet and drag it around with a kitty riding on top. Wolfie and Molly enjoy it the most. Pearl is learning how to stay on the sheet but Tilly isn’t interested.

This first video shows Wolfie getting a ride. He’s a pro! My husband (camera operator) and I (ride operator) are talking in the background. You’ll hear there was a minor kitten mishap on the first video, but no one was injured.

Molly learning how to ride with Pearl showing interest.

Wolfie and Molly, with Pearl attempting to ride.

Pulling kitties around the house on a sheet while navigating the furniture is a decent workout. After 10 or 12 trips around the house, it’s time for the ride operator to rest! It was also time to put away all the shoes that showed up in the video.

Random musings

Developing family bonds

It’s been nearly a month since I shared news about our furry family. Pearl and Molly are about 5 months old and they’re settling in nicely. All the cats have free roam of the house all day & night and they’ve been getting along very well. For the past couple weeks, Wolfie has been playing with the kittens instead of just near them. The three of them run around the house chasing toys, playing on the perches, or chasing each other. Tilly sometimes joins the fun but she has a low tolerance for pandemonium and we can see her anxiety level build. At that point we separate her for some playtime without kittens.

Photos of the kitties getting along

Of course Molly and Pearl play together like crazy kittens, then snuggle for grooming and a nap.

Molly and Pearl often cuddle with each other.

Wolfie is getting along well with both Molly and Pearl.

Molly tried to snuggle with Wolfie for a minute before Wolfie walked away.
I put Pearl next to a sleeping Wolfie. Pearl didn’t pester Wolfie.

Tilly gets along fairly well with Molly but is still working on her relationship with Pearl.

Tilly tolerated Molly and Pearl beside her at the patio door.

They all seem to be learning each other’s personalities and respecting each other. Of course the kittens occasionally get on the big kitties’ nerves, so we step in to ensure everyone stays calm and safe. We either take the kittens away for separate play time or we bring everyone into another room for treats. They’re willing to be practically nose-to-nose with each other when treats are served.

The other day all four of them were in the front window perches. They did this without any human intervention.

Everyone content in the perches. Tilly (top), Wolfie, Pearl, Molly (bottom)

I think the kitty family is progressing well. There are occasional bops and little hisses between Tilly & Pearl when they feel their personal space has been invaded. But they don’t approach each other aggressively and haven’t fought.

With Molly and Pearl entering their older kitten months I’m hoping everyone continues to build good relationships. There are plenty of toys, treats, and space for everyone, so they just have to work out how they’re going to share.

Cat antics, Random musings

Making progress with cat introductions

I’ve had this post in my “drafts” folder for a couple weeks but haven’t found time to update it. I’m going to post it now, with hopes to post again in a few days. I didn’t realize how much time we’d be spending managing 2 cats and 2 kittens! Seems like every time I sit down to do something, some kitty wakes up and needs attention!

We’re slowly making progress introducing Wolfie, Tilly, Molly, and Pearl. We’ve moved past Tilly hissing & growling and needing to keep the kittens safe behind a screen door and we’re able to have everyone in the same space – for at least a short time, with constant supervision.

Wolfie is fairly tolerant of the kittens. He will watch them play and occasionally try to interact with them. He gives them a little swat if they get in his face, but I think that’s to be expected. He’s a very mellow kitty and they are rambunctious strangers.

Tilly is still deciding what to make of the kittens.

They can all be very close when food is involved. They are spaced out in the photo below for a canned food breakfast. But they can be within inches of each other when we’re working on keeping them all calm in the same room and using treats to keep everyone happy & distracted.

The other day, Tilly came into the bedroom while the kittens were sleeping. In the video you can see Pearl is on the bed with Tilly! Molly is in the tallest perch at the foot of the bed. Sorry for the sloppy top sheet – we put an extra sheet on the beds and launder them frequently to help keep the cat hair under control. Seeing it all wrinkly is driving me nuts!

Tilly woke from her nap and climbed to the top perch, only to discover Molly sleeping there. Tilly did not bother Molly, then slowly and calmly walked out of the room.

When the kittens are active, the chaos begins. The action and noise agitates Tilly, so we’re working on desensitizing her to that. We discourage the kittens from approaching Tilly too often and we encourage Tilly to remove herself from the room. Basically – self control from everyone!

In this video we see Molly approaching Tilly. Dad follows, able to intervene in case Tilly gets too smacky. It goes fairly well, with Molly quickly learning that Tilly is not ready to be best friends. You can also see a flying toy – we use that technique A LOT to help redirect the kittens away from the adult cats.

Making sure everyone gets attention and proper socialization has been a very time-consuming process, but it’s going well.