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Cloud Hamster being naughty

Here’s a video of Cloud Hamster trying to escape his play area. You can turn down the sound if you don’t want to hear Mom’s “hamster voice”. Cloud learned that he can do a pull-up on the fence and escape. … Continue reading

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It’s too hot for fresh air

Raven usually has a wide open window to enjoy some fresh morning air before it gets hot and we close up the house for the day. Then she gets open windows at 10 pm if it’s cooled down outside.  “Cooled … Continue reading

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Introducing Cloud, my new hamster sibling

Mom & Dad went to the pet supply store to get some of my favorite beefy canned cat food. They came back with a new critter for the family. It’s name is Cloud. The store employee said this hamster was … Continue reading

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Sitting on my chair

I found a new way to sit on my chair and watch the back yard. The view from up here isn’t much different from sitting on my chair properly, but it was fun. And mom got a good photo of … Continue reading

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