Pet loss

We said goodbye to Tilly today

Cat Tilly resting on a tree branch.
Tilly resting on a tree branch

I want to thank you all for your concern and support for Tilly in my last post.

We have always done whatever we can to treat our ailing pets, and our hearts told us to do the same for Tilly. But after several conversations with the vets, we decided the major dental surgery and lengthy recovery was not in Tilly’s best interest. She has been unhappy and in pain for several months, and she was noticeably worse this past week.

We decided the kindest thing we could do for her was to end her suffering in a quick and gentle way. She was euthanized this morning after spending some time outside, enjoying a yummy tube of chicken treat, and getting lots of love from me and her Dad.

This is the hardest decision we have ever had to make. But we did what we knew was best for Tilly.

Give all your pets an extra snuggle. And take care.

26 thoughts on “We said goodbye to Tilly today”

  1. We share our sympathy on the loss of your beautiful little one, may she forever rest well. Ann and June

  2. We are so sorry to hear that Tilly has gone on. We know you did the right thing in freeing her from pain so she can start her next adventure.

  3. We are so terribly sorry for your loss. But you did what you thought best for Tilly and nobody could ask any more of you.
    Fly free, sweet Angel Tilly, safe and protected in the loving Paw of the Great Cat in the Sky.

  4. I forget you have a blog, forgive me. I was upset to hear os tilly’s passing on Twitter. She looks the most beautiful cat. I know you would absolutely only do the best for Tilly and respect that. I hope her trip across the Bridge is a safe one, and I will ask Dash Kitten to greet her.

    Lots of love and I admit, a few tears,


  5. You are now undertaking the long journey through grief. While others may share that grief we all walk it alone. There are no right or wrong paths, no proper way to carry oneself, no set amount of time to complete it. Some steps will come easier than others. There will be rogue waves of grief that you won’t see coming, and knock you back days. But you will come through it. If you get lost let us know. We have been through it before and we might be able to help you find the way out.

  6. Mum and I are so sorry to learn that Tilly has crossed her Bridge.
    It is always sad to say goodbye to a beloved companion that was loved so much. Mum and I send hugs and comforting purrs.
    Purrs, Julie

  7. Wee came rite over to meow our sympaffiess on THE loss of Tilly….
    Youss’ were so brave an did THE most lovin thing you cuud. An wee know youss’ take this deecison litelee.
    May yore fotoss an memoriess comfert youss’ durin this diffycult time an furever…..
    gentell **nose kissess** BellaDharma an gentell ((hugss)) BellaSita Mum

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